Austin Dotson Winning in Life Through Fitness


Austin Dotson is a model, commercial actor, trainer, former professional athlete, and fitness influencer who describes his growing up as a shaky one. Austin, originally from Carson, California, believes his rise to becoming who he is today is thanks to the ugly moments he has had to pass through in his journey. Austin attributes his growth to the lessons learned from his mistakes and likes to call them “growth scars.” For someone involved in athleticism from a very tender age, first, as a martial artist and later as a football player, he understands the value of completion, obstacles, and the beauty of winning and victory.  

Austin claimed his passion for sports started as a young boy thanks to his love for Bruce Lee, who inspired him to do combat sports. At the time, he didn’t know much about sports or what it stood for; he did what he did out of love and desire to be like, Bruce. Austin started playing football as a sophomore in high school, and the desire to be the best pushed him to continue playing. Coming from a humble background, Austin knew his parents didn’t have the money to send him to college, meaning he only had his talents to look up to, to pave the way for him. Austin won a scholarship to study at Sacramento State University through hard work and dedication. As soon as he graduated, his struggles with life began, which will shape him into the man he is today.

Austin claimed his life spiraled out of control and downhill as soon as he retired from football and took up a job as a Mortgage firm’s front-desk representative. He started drinking, partying, eating the wrong type of food, battling with drugs and alcoholism, and ultimately, depression. Until he made up his mind to take control of his life, his mental and physical health, and he was able to do this, thanks to fitness. He grew six-packs within three weeks of regular workout, and his body fat went from 18% to 8% in five months. “Fitness saved my life, and my past built an unstoppable mentality.” He summed.

Austin believes his services are unique because of the ability to change someone’s life, not only physically but mentally. And also, understanding the importance of life and health and improving someone’s mental health is an ability he possesses that his competition does not.

When asked who his target audience is, Austin says because he can adapt to any. In every situation that comes his way, his fitness style is adaptable to everyone, especially those concerned about their physical fitness, inspiration, and motivation. In five years, Austin sees himself as a global icon who is internationally known. On what motivated him to build his brand, he has this to say, “Fitness saved my life, so I use fitness to help save others.”

This article aims to inspire readers to control their lives and turn things around for good.

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