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Matt Tommy on His Entrepreneurial Flair and Enabling Success for Others

Image commercially licensed.
Image commercially licensed.

In any field, success is not only measured by the results produced but also by the level of commitment and determination one has shown along the way. Moreover, the world’s most successful people always turn out to be those willing to share their sweet victories with others. Such is the case with entrepreneurial powerhouse Matt Tommy, a visionary whose goal is to help aspirants succeed in their respective pursuits. 

Today, Matt Tommy stands as a respected figure fueled by his desire to revolutionize the business landscape by making it more accessible to dreamers from all walks of life. He is also running a channel that teaches others to monetize their audience with subscription products, Discord and Patreon servers, among other strategies. 

After years of being in the entrepreneurial scene, Matt Tommy has accumulated an arsenal of skills and lessons that he will now be teaching to others. As a matter of fact, he has made it his lifelong goal to become a driving force for aspirants from different parts of the world. According to the luminary, he wants his journey to serve as an inspiration to those who wish to reach the pinnacle of success.

Widely acknowledged for being a serial entrepreneur, Matt Tommy is at the forefront of multiple ventures. He takes pride in creating an education platform that allows him to help people generate revenue with nothing more than a laptop and internet connection. On top of that, he also owns a consulting business that is grounded in taking a revenue share of course creators and scaling their online offers. It is almost like a business in a box where people can plug in scripts, resources, and frameworks to help them scale to huge numbers. 

Currently, Matt Tommy is making significant waves as the owner of Subfliq, an avenue providing growth strategies for influencers, content creators, and entrepreneurs. The said entity seeks to come up with an effective framework that would help clients scale their businesses. 

“We provide the strategy, resources, and blueprint for creators to execute at the highest level and bring out the greatest output,” Matt Tommy explained. “It’s paid on the performance model, and we work only on revenue share, and it works out to be better for everyone else. The best part is seeing some from going to be fully trapped, to making more, doing less, being more effective as a CEO versus an operator,” he added.

In the same interview, Matt Tommy talked about how he manages to stand out in a highly competitive industry. “Our results and how hands-on we are, we treat their business like our own because we have a revenue share. Our company is not a cookie-cutter agency. We work on it all the time, we have a team of 10-20 in one business, and the other business has 40-50 people,” he shared. 

With no plans of slowing down anytime soon, Matt Tommy aims to have thousands of clients in his consulting business, reaching six to seven figures a month. He also intends to broaden his horizons by dipping his toes into other ventures, such as launching NFTs for established brands and investing in significant commercial buildings. Indeed, much can be expected from this power player as he continues to be relentless with his endeavors.