Meta Skellies NFT Captures the Community’s Attention With Its Incredibly Practical and Valuable Utilities


While art is a significant element in the NFT space, utility is still king. After all, a project is only as good as the perks and privileges it offers. Cognizant of this, one up-and-coming venture is making waves for its remarkable value for money: Meta Skellies.

It is a collection of 10,000 non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Using a custom algorithm, it makes entirely unique avatars from a combination of numerous traits and attributes that are completely hand-drawn. These elements take inspiration from several cultures and places across the globe. 

The venture demonstrates its impressive commitment to creating stellar art by ensuring that its designing process goes through rigorous monitoring by experts from beginning to end. Finally, the tokens will have varying rarities, which will determine the level of benefits its minter will get. 

But unlike other projects in the market that merely make exquisite art and designs, Meta Skellies also focuses on more important things such as practicality and real-world utility. For example, token holders can earn passive income in the form of Skelly Tokens by participating in its DeFi staking mechanics. These tokens can also be used in the Skellies Ecosystem, which gives them access to participate in the upcoming Skellies Festival. 

Further sharing other excellent inclusions offered by the venture, its brilliant developers carefully explained, “Holders are invited to the Private Skellies Holder club which would grant access to channels and IRL events. Also, in the future, holders will be the first informed about future developments of the project. Our team aims to create a platform where non-utility NFTs could utilize in a brand new way.”

So to keep everyone posted with the venture’s progress, it has created social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram as well as a dedicated Discord server where the community can interact and communicate with each other. In addition, it has published a list of upcoming developments.

As outlined on Meta Skellies’ roadmap, it will release its first drop to the public sometime in May during the “First Deployment Phase.” After which is the “Celebratory Phase,” where the enterprise gives back to the token holders and shows its appreciation for the community’s unrivaled support. In addition, several airdrops and giveaways will be done, and the previously mentioned week-long event will also take place during this stage.

Aside from its genesis collection, the project has shown an incredible dedication to longevity. In fact, it plans to drop a second collection within the third quarter of 2022. Moreover, these degenerate NFTs will have a distinct style compared with the first collection.

Meta Skellies is indeed shaping to be one of the best NFT projects in the current market. By incorporating several mechanics with countless utilities, the venture has successfully proven its extraordinary dedication to token holders.

Given this, NTF collectors, enthusiasts, and all other interested parties should keep the project in mind and be on the lookout for more wonderful developments as it continues building a one-of-a-kind experience for the community.

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