The crazy truth about the Joker sequel, Folie à Deux

Folie à Deux
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The 2019 release of the first Joker movie starring Joaquin Phoenix was absolutely bonkers. Joker: However, Folie à Deux will be enraged like Lady Gaga.

This controversial sequel to Todd Phillips’ anti-hero spin-off was filmed in New Jersey and Los Angeles with pop sensation Stefani Germanotta, who was Stefani Germanotta’s mother. When it is released in late 2024, the project she will be working on with Phoenix appears to be one of the wildest films ever made by a major studio, even when contrasted to its predecessor.

It was obvious that Folie à Deux would make the first Joker look like a lighthearted comedy before filming even began or before Lady Gaga was cast as Harley Quinn, the Joker’s girlfriend.

Folie à Deux is a musical in an unusual way

One of the first things people said about the movie was that it would be a musical, but not in the usual way. “The Singing in the Rain rape scene from A Clockwork Orange is the best way to describe the musical aspect,” a “insider” on Reddit said.

They said that the deaths would be “very horrible.” “There are several beheadings, torture scenes, a castration, bombs going off, and a rape scene that looks a lot like the one in Clockwork Orange, but the victim dies at the end.”

The insider’s claim that Lady Gaga wouldn’t play Harley Quinn made the reports less likely to be true. But in the past few weeks, videos have come out of Gaga wearing Harley’s “Queen of Hearts” outfit, which is easy to recognize. Director Phillips has also shown a picture of Harley holding Joker, whose real name is Arthur Fleck, a failed comedian.

One thing that Reddit said would happen did happen. Folie à Deux is to be a show. One idea is that the action will take place “inside the mind” of Harley, who is crazy. The songs and dances represent times when a person’s mind breaks down.

All of this makes it seem like Harley won’t be a reliable storyteller, like Phoenix’s character Fleck in the first movie, where we saw him making people laugh at a comedy club, only to find out later that his act was a bust. But, of course, all of the cheers were in his head.

Even though shooting is over, a lot about Folie à Deux is still a mystery. But even if the comparisons to A Clockwork Orange turn out to be wrong, it’s clear that Philips wants to go even further than he did with Joker.

With Joker 2, everyone participating is determined to do their best. However, extras have stated that Folie à Deux has felt strange on both sides of the camera. For example, their phones were covered with stickers and scenes inside to stop photos from being taken. And some actors say they haven’t been given the bathroom breaks they are legally entitled to.

But it seems certain that the chaos will be much worse than just being unhappy about bathroom breaks.

The Joker was an oddity in the DC Universe. He was like a “Batman” adventure without Batman. But it made more than $1 billion and made history when Joaquin Phoenix won Best Actor. Heath Ledger, who played the Joker in The Dark Knight (2008), won Best Supporting Actor for that role. So it’s not surprising that Phillips would go back to where he had his biggest win or keep telling stories about DC in his own unique way.

The way Joker and Harley talk to each other is going to change a lot. In the books and the terrible 2016 movie Suicide Squad, she starts out as the Joker’s therapist at Arkham Asylum, where he is locked up after making Gotham City crazy.

But people think that in Folie à Deux, Arthur and Harley will both be patients at the asylum, which is an old hospital in Belleville, New Jersey, that has been closed down. This would fit the title, “Folie à Deux,” which means “a shared delusion or mental illness between two close friends.”

Whether or not these rumors are true, it is clear that Folie à Deux will not be part of the new DC world, which is being remade by James Gunn, who directed Guardians of the Galaxy. Gunn has cleaned the house in DC. He got rid of Henry Cavill as Superman and said he would be leading a “hopeful” new Superman project.

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Not just the Joker-verse is like this. The Gunverse and Robert Pattinson’s Batman story will occur in a part of the DC universe called “Elseworlds.” But Joker 2 will almost certainly be different in one way. Since the third Ant-Man movie and the Shazam reboot both bombed in the past few months, there is a sense that superhero movies are losing their hold at the box office. If that’s the case, Folie à Deux will be the last movie in the genre, and it will end in a blaze of pure film madness.

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