Otaku Origins NFT Giving Anime Ample Representation in the NFT World

Non-fungible tokens have found a way to cut across multiple areas, themes, industries, fields and topics, including entertainment, art, music, pop culture and a host of other hot trends. The anime space has now gotten into the mix as a new NFT project Otaku Origins has based its collection on some of the most popular anime and characters.

Otaku Origins is a collection of 5,000 unique anime NFTs on the Solana blockchain looking to become a formidable force when it goes live for minting between February 2 and February 8, 2021. It currently presents its open whitelist to interested holders, which gives them a reduced price and access to airdrops for future collections from the creators.

Otaku Origins draws inspiration from a comic book that tells a unique story about Otakus and their fight to escape the Otakuverse, a world they got sucked into against their will. According to the backstory, getting sucked into the Otakuverse gave these individuals some special powers and weapons, and they have to learn to adapt to the new mysterious world they’ve found themselves in. This world is filled with powers, features, and gears inspired by the most memorable protagonists and antagonists in the anime world.

Each Otaku token is produced using an algorithmic generation from a random combination of over 200 beautifully drawn traits across eight different categories, influencing their uniqueness, rarity and power. The collection features 12 unique main characters that rank highest among the rarest NFTs. Each character, which is a 1/1 digital collectible, will double as the entrance ticket for holders into the Otaku Indie DAO and the world the NFT project is building. These characters will make up a full Otakuverse world, driven by an active community of holders and managed by the project’s DAO.

With the Otaku Origins NFT hinged on building an entirely new world around these characters fighting to escape the Otakuverse, holders of the NFT tokens will get the power to vote on how the story pans out and all the important elements in the story, including plot points, character details, fight outcomes, and decision making. The first chapter of the comic book is currently in production and will be available after the project’s mint goes live.

“We are not looking to imitate what already exists but improve on the best concepts within the NFT ecosystem. Innovation is our number one goal, and we have pushed ourselves to embed functional as well as creative uniqueness into Otaku Origins. Not only will each Otaku have individual traits and yield different weapons, but they will also have unique stances and poses. This will elevate the artwork as well as the value of our NFTs,” the team behind the project shared.

Otaku Origins has plans to expand its storyline and universe as a whole by funding emerging artists and authors to flesh out the story and content under the brand. The DAO has exclusive power to decide on who they want to fund, and once these stories begin to earn revenue, the funds will be reinvested into other artists and developing a play-to-earn video game.

The project’s roadmap is such an extensive one, and the ultimate goal is to become the first indie manga publishing DAO with a specific focus on indie authors and artists looking to jumpstart their creative careers as creators and storytellers.

Learn more about Otaku Origins NFT on the project’s website and Medium link. Also, follow its social media pages via Twitter, Instagram and Discord channel.

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