March 1, 2024
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A Beacon of Hope: Dr. Sarah Sun Liew’s Historic Receipt of the Menorah of Peace Award at the UN

Dr. Sarah Sun Liew
Photo Credited To: Dr. Sarah Sun Liew

On a pivotal day in December 2023, the grounds of the United Nations in New York were illuminated by a ceremony steeped in symbolism and global significance. The Institute of Noahide Code chose this iconic location to bestow its inaugural Menorah of Peace Award, marking a new chapter in the dialogue of human rights and religious freedom.

Dr. Sarah Sun Liew: A Symbol of Unity and Peace

The ceremony was highlighted by the presence of Dr. Sarah Sun Liew, a U.S. Senate candidate, who was the esteemed recipient of the award. Dr. Liew, known for her advocacy and leadership, lent her voice and presence to the event, reinforcing the themes of peace, unity, and religious freedom. Her participation was particularly resonant as it coincided with the Chanukah festival, a time-honored celebration of resilience and faith.

Symbolism of the Menorah: A Light in the Darkness

In the Jewish tradition, the Menorah is not just a ceremonial object; it is a powerful symbol of perseverance and hope. Its light during the Chanukah festival represents the enduring spirit of the Jewish people and their cultural legacy. This event used the Menorah’s symbolism to cast a wider light on the importance of human rights and the freedom of belief for all communities.

Rabbi Yakov Dovid Cohen: A Visionary Leader

Rabbi Yakov Dovid Cohen, leading the Institute of Noahide Code, presented the award to Dr. Liew, further emphasizing the global message of peace and tolerance. His leadership in organizing this event underscored the Institute’s commitment to fostering a dialogue on universal rights and freedoms. The Institute of Noahide Code INC – United Nations-accredited NGO (ECOSOC) – aims to globally promote peace, democracy and harmony through the values represented by the seven laws of the Universal Noahide Code UNC, universally accepted by all nations, culture and religions in order to use this common ground to enhance the Universal Noahide Code UNC visibility at all levels, fostering peace and democracy among all mankind.

Dr. Liew’s Inspirational Speech

Dr. Liew’s address was a highlight of the event. She spoke with admiration for the Jewish faith and its principles, underscoring the universal need for peace and prosperity. She drew parallels between Jewish peace and global peace, stressing the interconnectedness of all communities in the pursuit of harmony.

The Significance of the Sefer Torah Scroll

Adding depth to the ceremony was Dr. Liew’s emphasis on the creation of a new Sefer Torah Scroll, a symbol of the continuous transmission of Jewish teachings and law. This element bridged the gap between ancient tradition and contemporary relevance, underlining the timeless nature of religious and cultural heritage.

A Lasting Impact

The Menorah of Peace Award ceremony transcended its immediate context, becoming a symbol of hope and unity in a world often divided. Dr. Liew’s speech, in particular, illuminated the path forward for peace and respect across diverse cultures and beliefs.

Looking Forward

The 2023 Menorah of Peace Award event at the UN Headquarters will be remembered as a significant moment in the ongoing journey towards global understanding and human rights advocacy. It stands as a reminder of the power of unity and the enduring spirit of hope in overcoming adversity. Kindly Rsvp: 

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