May 24, 2024
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A Perfect Fit; Fashion Brand Greedilous Collaborates with Fashion Model Tyler Grosso

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As Seoul Fashion Week comes to a close, one brand that always stands out is Greedilous, and this year’s collaboration with Tyler Grosso was no exception. Greedilous has always been known for its innovative and bold approach to fashion, with stimulating designs that have captured the attention of fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Being selected as the primary model for the brand’s runway show and lookbook campaign are exciting opportunities for any model. Throughout the week at DDP, Tyler was seen in several inspiring outfits, and his presence on the runway for Greedilous’s show was fierce, stunning, and everything you would expect from a rising star.

The Greedilous 2023 collection, designed by Younhee Park, combines high-end runway designs with streetwear attire, creating a wearable and polished look for everyday use. Younhee’s vision for the line was to make a modern, forward-thinking collection incorporating innovative graphics and techniques to create a look embodying the contemporary person’s style. As the “Queen of Prints,” Greedilous uses bold and unique patterns to express individuality and a youthful rebellious spirit. As a result, the brand has become a beloved fashion label across the globe, with a loyal following of celebrities and influencers like Beyonce, Paris Hilton, and Anne Hathaway. The brand’s popularity is a testament to its ability to create a timeless look, and we can expect it to continue to thrive and push the boundaries of fashion. 

Greedilous had a show stopping runway presentation for Seoul Fashion Week. The Greedilous runway show was a mix of bold prints and vibrant colors inspired by traditional Korean pop culture and highlighted the designer’s imagination and attention to detail. Younhee wanted to create a unique collection for Seoul Fashion Week that would stand out. From immaculate jackets with graphic designs appearing in abstract yet intricate ways to dresses, furs, and jackets embellished with sewn-on plush toys, her collection was filled with pieces that would make you want to purchase them immediately.

Tyler Grosso’s runway performance at Greedilous’s AW 23 show was sensational and the event’s highlight. Tyler’s fierce, powerful, and alluring personality spectacularly opened the show. His first outfit was bright and beautiful, while his walk was poetic and set the tone for the show. His energy claimed all the attention in the venue as anticipation grew to see what he’d wear next. Toward the middle of the show, he walked out wearing a dynamic black trench coat with matching pants, met with a frenzy of camera flashes. The show ended with the models walking out together to the audience’s cheers. We’re sure this show will leave a lasting impression on SFW.

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After the Runway show, Tyler worked on Greedilous’s upcoming lookbook, perfectly complementing Greedilous’s innovative fashion approach. The project was to showcase the AW23 collection and tell the story of a 21st-century extraordinary man venturing around Seoul’s historic center of Jung-Ju. The six looks in the lookbook have vibrant colors, unexpected combinations of textures and patterns, and stylish details that showcase the brand’s willingness to step beyond the measure and push boundaries in fashion design. This lookbook should be released soon.

Overall, Greedilous’s runway show was a stunning display of style that showcased the brand’s trend-setting ability and integrity as a mover and shaker in the fashion industry. The brand’s decision to have Tyler set the tone for its runway show and star in its lookbook reflects his potential to be a top fashion model. In addition, Tyler’s efforts to establish himself in the Asian market and display his skills were a resounding success. This collaboration showcased fashion’s true power by bringing together diverse talents and creating something remarkable. Tyler’s matching energy with Younhee perfectly fits these two phenoms.

To view Tyler’s journey, visit his Website, and follow his Instagram and TikTok.

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