February 23, 2024
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Arnstar Takes Center Stage Across the Music Industry by Drawing Inspiration From His Father

Countless established authorities and powerhouses have risen through the ranks in their respective industries thanks to a number of remarkable influences they have encountered throughout life. Some may have drawn inspiration from notable figures across a wide variety of fields, while others are fueled by the impact that their loved ones have over them during their nurturing years. Either way, it drives people to carve success-enabling paths of their own, slowly cementing their reputable stance across the world. For creative artist and visionary Sean Kirkland, better known by his pen name, ARNSTAR, his multi-talented household served as his source of motivation that encouraged him to create a career out of his exceptional knack for music. For this reason, Arnstar has become a widely acclaimed figure, known for his commitment towards sparking change across a cutthroat space.

Hailing from the skyscraper-studded horizons of Brooklyn & Harlem, New York City, this emerging powerhouse is an actor, dancer, rapper, social activist, and overall creative who is not afraid to dip his toes into a plethora of influences that heavily enriched his young mind and extensively developed his talents. Having been raised in a family that highly values skills, it is a no-brainer how ARNSTAR grew up with a brilliant arsenal of abilities, coupled with a passion-driven heart and a persevering attitude. His outstanding development effectively molded his capacities, fitting into the molds of perfection.

Throughout the years, ARNSTAR has made waves across the industry by embodying the exceptional prowess of his father, Kippy Dee. The latter was an esteemed artist and member of the legendary band called “Rocky Steady Crew” who was widely acclaimed for his stellar contributions to the 80s hip hop culture and fashion influence. This ultimately inspired ARNSTAR to solidify his stance across the industry, transcend limitations, and rise above.

Armed with a passion-driven and persevering spirit, this multifaceted personality has proven himself worthy of his sterling reputation across a cutthroat industry. From being a pioneer of LiteFeet, a world-renowned dance culture that ultimately portrays the power of Harlem, to gaining a worldwide fanbase with supporters from Japan, Paris, Argentina, Poland, and Toronto through his team of equally passionate artists, We Are Family For Life Entertainment or WAFFLE, ARNSTAR has earned countless praises from various established authorities and industry peers, cementing his reputation across the space. More impressively, he has also managed to perform with multi-platinum artists, such as Swizz Beatz and P. Diddy.

Although ARNSTAR has proven his unparalleled capacity over the years, he continues to take his career to greater heights by performing on countless stages and arenas. From Madison Square Garden to the BET Awards held in 2017, this emerging power player has demonstrated his exceptional command over beats and rhythm through his performances. Additionally, he has been featured in national television shows and media networks, such as The Ellen Show, The View, and Huffington Post, and dipped his toes into acting with his supporting role in a Netflix Original film entitled “Roxanne Roxanne.”

Today, ARNSTAR has recently released his full-length album entitled “Light Layers: Extended Spectrum” and plays a lead role in a new film entitled “Wheels.” With no intentions of slowing down any time soon, he is set to dominate the industry and continue to honor his father’s legacy with a number of upcoming projects he has in store for the world to see.

To know more about Arnstar, you may visit his website.

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