April 17, 2024
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Beyond the Bright Lights: Empire Tours and Productions’ Authentic Dive into the Soul of Iconic Cities

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Sourced Photo

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Every city has something that makes it unique, but few can say they’re as instantly recognizable as New York is. From the skyscrapers that fill its skylines to the brownstones that create cozy neighborhoods in a city of over eight and a half million people, New York effortlessly blends the grandeur of the modern with the charm of the past, creating a destination that travelers from around the world visit.

And when people come to see it, they can easily be overwhelmed by just how much there is to see, do, and experience. For those looking to enrich their stay in New York with a tour that combines ghost stories with tales of gangs from the city’s past, Steven Garcia’s Empire Tours and Productions’ NYC Gangsters & Ghosts Tour is a must. It lets people experience The Five Points, Chinatown, Little Italy, and the West Village before ending at Washington Square Park — covering all things spooky and gangster.

“We primarily cater to individuals who seek unique and immersive experiences. Our target audience consists of people who desire more than just a generic bus tour,” explains Empire Tours and Productions’ CEO Steven Garcia. “We understand the importance of providing an enriching and authentic experience, and that has always been our focus.”

An authentic experience doesn’t always have to focus on the macabre or the dangerous. Besides the Gangsters & Ghost Tour, Steven’s company also offers authentic foodies experiences, with tastings in small, family-run businesses with a long tradition. Places that are the nourishment for the city’s very soul.

Empire Tours and Productions reaches beyond New York. The operations based in Chicago and Charleston have a similar itinerary and mission as New York’s with experiences and stories about gangsters, ghosts and pirates. On the other hand, the experiences in Appalachia and Wisconsin offer a different vibe. The mission in these locations are to be safe havens for peace and quiet. These locations are perfect for people who are looking to escape and mute the noises of city life. 

“We also tackle issues related to littering and irresponsible behavior. Although there are plenty of hiking trails in the area, being in Appalachia means that some locals tend to litter and disregard the environment,” Steven explains. “We make efforts to address this by organizing clean-up initiatives and promoting responsible behavior among both visitors and locals.”

In addition to offering authentic experiences to their customers, Steven and his team also care deeply about the locations they work in. They hope their passion for the city is conveyed through their work and can be felt by their customers.

Recently, the company has been making headway in organizing operations in Europe. With many European cities becoming aware of just how costly tourism is in terms of its environmental impact, some of them have begun limiting the number of tourists that can visit in a year.

Empire Tours and Productions are constantly ensuring that they are a part of the solution by only offering walking and cycling tours. With many European cities being highly walkable, going on foot is usually the best way to really experience them. It’s good cardio, too, and it’s good for the environment — so everyone wins.

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