June 22, 2024
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Breaking News: Well-Loved Food Brand, EggRoll Boyz, Expands in Georgia and into Florida in 2024

Breaking News: Well-Loved Food Brand, EggRoll Boyz, Expands in Georgia and into Florida in 2024
Photo Credited To: EggRoll Boyz Creative Team

By: Commander Publicity

As the epicenters of culinary creations continue to proliferate, EggRoll Boyz, a multi-racial Black-owned food brand, is steadily penciling its name into the gastronomic scrolls of reputation and distinction. Emerged from the cocoon of a modest food trailer in 2019, the brand has gradually unfolded into a well-esteemed name in the food industry, proving that vigor and passion can effectively convert novel ideas into thriving realities. The brand is poised to stride further into formidable horizons in the coming 2024, spreading its wings from its home base of Alpharetta, Georgia, to additional locations.

To appreciate the impending expansion, it is essential to walk through the birthing corridors of EggRoll Boyz’s gastronomic saga. Debuting under the storm of the pandemic, the team was able to turn adversity into opportunity by presenting a captivating interpretation of gourmet eggrolls to the world. Inspiring the food industry with their resilience, the EggRoll Boyz demonstrated the embodiment of the axiom, “Every big business had to start small.”

Their remarkable renditions of the world-famous gourmet eggrolls are a symphony composed from their diverse heritage and experiential travel diary. Comprising innovative recollections of palatable memories, every bite of their eggrolls swirls an exciting tale, leaving the food enthusiasts yearning for yet another narrative from their appetizing anthology.

What enhances the EggRoll Boyz saga is their inspirational self-financing journey. The determined team embarked on a less conventional route of growing organically without soliciting external funds, staying clear of the tumultuous tide of funding dependencies common in the industry. This bold and robust standpoint acted as a catalytic accelerator in their trajectory, spurring their growth from a single food trailer to a notable brand anticipating a billion-dollar valuation.

Currently, backed by an invincible management team and online social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, EggRoll Boyz operates across one flagship store and five distinct franchise food trucks. Their regional boundaries have been effaced by an eloquent online persona, transmuting an Alpharetta local food brand into an international culinary marvel.

As EggRoll Boyz saunters into the year 2024, it looks forward to broadening its geographical horizons. Embellishing the downtown region of Marietta, Georgia, with another brick-and-mortar restaurant, EggRoll Boyz is preparing to amplify its tantalizing beam of gourmet service. 

Simultaneously, the spring of 2024 will usher in the grandeur of EggRoll Boyz in the Sunshine State, Florida, fulfilling the brand’s mission of granting broader access to its delectable delights.

The EggRoll Boyz’s saga is an invitation to indulge in the culinary craft’s artistry and perseverance. The brand’s guiding lodestar, “Good Food. Good Service. Good Vibez,” acts as the spiritual essence underlying their relentless pursuit of expansion and exploration. This resilient venture vividly paints the entrepreneurial canvas, magnifying the potential roles self-reliance, dedication, and innovation can play in bourgeoning successes.

As the EggRoll Boyz trailblazes into new destinations, their ancestral ethos of eggroll crafting continues to emanate globally, satiating discerning palates with intellectually curated flavors. Anticipation mounts as fans across the globe eagerly await the brand’s unfolding expansion saga in 2024. In essence, with a savory revolution in its wake, EggRoll Boyz, resolute and ready, is set to burgeon into a billion-dollar sensation.

For more information or to experience the EggRoll Boyz’s culinary journey, visit their website at or follow them on Facebook at and Instagram at

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