June 12, 2024
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Bryce Purnell, the Serial Entrepreneur Behind the Innovative Language-Learning App, Learn Laugh Speak

As one of the primary languages of communication across the globe and the most commonly spoken one, English is currently included in countless syllabi and studied even outside the four walls of the classroom. The time people are dedicating toward learning English as a second language is not surprising in the face of its status as the language of science, international business, technology, tourism, and more. For years now, the global English language learning industry has offered a long list of products and services for both young students and adult learners wishing to improve their fluency. Still, to this date, there remain significant gaps, some of which Bryce Purnell hopes to close through his brainchild, the LLS AI English Program  or Learn Laugh Speak, apps.

A serial entrepreneur who hails from a small town in Australia, Bryce Purnell dived deep into the world of business at a young age, influenced by a father whose portfolio included numerous ventures. At the age of twenty, the go-getter sold his house to start a restaurant, a bold move that paid off when he would eventually boast a restaurant in every major city in Australia a year or two later.

Never the type to stay in his comfort zone, Bryce Purnell let go of his restaurant group at 27, deciding it was time to explore his interest in languages. Ultimately, that pursuit would lead to the birth of LLS, an innovative application that provides an alternative to the old English learning system. 

The only application with AI for English learning that utilizes the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) in testing, Learn Laugh Speak brings considerable value to the table. The app has an intuitive AI with a speech correction tool and a powerful speech recognition program that compares the student’s speech to the pronunciation of more than one hundred native English speakers. It also provides a wealth of features that include weekly progress analysis, immersive lessons, a systematic gamified approach to learning the language, and more.

So far, LLS has demonstrated the potential to become the go-to application for both independent students and businesses globally under the leadership of Bryce Purnell. Its corporate fluency program, which comes hand in hand with an application for students and one for managers, delivers unlimited lessons with real-time corrections and progress reports, as well as tailored exercises based on the mistakes from previous lessons and a Standardized Level Assessment to ensure students are beginning the learning process at the correct level. Meanwhile, its digital courseware for kids incorporates gamification, an approach to learning that utilizes game dynamics and involves the use of technology and mechanics to engage people.

Since its launch, LLS has helped improve the fluency of countless students by connecting them with native English teachers and through the strategic capitalization of advanced technology. In the years to come, Bryce Purnell aims to roll out the application to more corporate companies with an international reach. Moreover, the Mexico-based entrepreneur plans to make the Learn Laugh Speak more affordable for local communities.

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