June 12, 2024
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Building on Victory: Young LA’s Wins of 2023 and a Visionary Outlook for 2024

Building on Victory: Young LA’s Wins of 2023 and a Visionary Outlook for 2024
Photo Credit: YoungLA

Created out of Chatsworth, CA, in 2014 and owned by brothers Dashmeet and Gurmer Chopra, YoungLA has not only become a premier fashion brand but is now able to boast a phenomenal year of growth in 2023. As a brand that has swelled from a mere fitness line into total lifestyle clothing, YoungLA has been situated to become a household name in the industry for a while. After 2023, their position has only grown stronger. Nevertheless, the road to success has been a challenging journey from two brothers to a company with over 150 employees and hundreds of athletes globally.

Created by the Chopra brothers, who shared a vision for fashion, YoungLA began as a fitness clothing brand with the essential concept of seamlessly blending affordability and comfort. Despite becoming a massive company with hundreds of employees, the brothers at YoungLA initially imagined a company with a family-like philosophy. As 2023 has shown, they continue to provide that feel for their clientele. 

Of course, launching the brand and discovering success within the void of so many other brands — many with longer-standing reputations — was incredibly difficult. Still, upholding an unyielding focus on creating unique, cutting-edge designs, coupled with their steadfast commitment to customer fulfillment, has allowed YoungLA to find a faithful fan base and rise above the competition, as evidenced by their immensely successful year.

In 2023, YoungLA reached more than $100 million in sales. While this is a blatant testament to their success and, perhaps, the most notable benchmark for the brand thus far, the trust and relationships with many prominent figures made the year stand out. Alongside the numerous reasons for their loyal affiliations and subsequent success are how YoungLA has separated itself from other clothing brands. 

With their innumerable styles of clothing and monthly clothing drops, the YoungLA community has been constructed with major athletes and influencers globally. In 2023, the brand obtained more than one million followers on Instagram, and their unbelievably mounting popularity was an uninterrupted reflection of the passion and dedication of the Chopra brothers and their efforts to ensure the most successful year possible.  

Dashmeet and Gurmer are committed workers who have successfully crafted a multilayered company that takes pride in connecting with those who support the brand and has helped make 2023 fruitful. By staying passionate and continually working to prepare new ways to improve the brand and the lives of those they work with and serve, YoungLA is held in high esteem for its novelty and philanthropic work — all of which shined last year. Although such a good year can be difficult to top, YoungLA looks forward to even more recognition and triumph in 2024. 

This year, the brand will set forth the Arnold Classic (bodybuilding show) — working with the only Arnold Schwarzenegger — in Columbus, Ohio. YoungLA is setting up to host another Block Party meet and greet and a trip to the U.K. for the Arnold Classic U.K. YoungLA in 2024 will feature multiple clothing drops each month and several fitness expos. And with the incredible success of 2023, there is no reason to believe that YoungLA will not reach its primary goal to expand globally in 2024.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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