March 2, 2024
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Capture Magic with KiraKids Newborn Photography

Capture Magic with KiraKids Newborn Photography
Photo Credit: Kira Muchnyk

KiraKids Photography is a famous newborn photography studio renowned for its exceptional ability to capture these magical moments of little models. Today, we have an interview with Kira Muchnyk, owner of KiraKids studio, a famous New York-based newborn photographer.

Who among the famous photographers or celebrities inspires you?

I find inspiration in many photographers, including Anamaria Brandt, Kelly Brown, and numerous Ukrainian newborn photographers. It’s challenging to single out one specific individual, but the level of talent is truly exceptional.

How does fashion influence newborn photoshoots, and what trends do you anticipate for 2024?

Trends depend on culture. In New York, I capture very diverse families—some love a lot of flowers, while others prefer minimalism and light colors. So, it all depends on the client’s nationality and the photographer’s style.

Do you attend exhibitions or other cultural events, and how does art influence your approach to newborn photography?

Overall, I enjoy art life and exhibitions, but this year there was too much work. My plans include organizing an exhibition of my own photographic works.

Do you shoot exclusively in your New York studio, or are your parents able to invite you to their location? How important and safe is it to conduct sessions exclusively in the studio?

I only shoot in my studio. In New York, not everyone has large apartments, and sometimes I had to photograph in very inconvenient and dark conditions. I have a lot of props and sets, and it’s impossible to bring all of that to clients’ homes. That’s why I shoot exclusively in my cozy studio, where babies and moms feel comfortable.

Capture Magic with KiraKids Newborn Photography
Photo Credit: Kira Muchnyk

Do you organize workshops on newborn photography?

I haven’t organized my own workshops yet, but I’m thinking about it.

Is there a specific person you dream of working with, such as a celebrity mom, a mom blogger, or even a member of the royal family?

All the little ones are my favorite models. I treat each little model as if they were my own child.

Have you encountered any unexpected or amusing moments during your photoshoots, and how do you handle such situations?

Oh, absolutely! Newborns are full of surprises. Once, a baby decided to give us a little “personalized artwork” during a shoot. It’s all part of the joy and unpredictability of working with infants. I keep a relaxed atmosphere, have backup props ready, and embrace the unexpected. It adds a unique touch to the memories we create during these precious sessions.

Capture Magic with KiraKids Newborn Photography
Photo Credit: Kira Muchnyk

What advice do you offer to future moms regarding when to book a photoshoot and how to prepare for it?

To moms, I always say that they need to bring a diaper, a pacifier, and a good mood to the photoshoot. All babies feel their moms, and if the mother is anxious, the baby will be uneasy during the photoshoot. I recommend booking a photo shoot as soon as you know your due date. Find a photographer who suits your style and budget and who will help capture these precious moments of the baby’s first days.


Published By: Aize Perez

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