July 21, 2024
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Celiane the Voice Showcases Her Powerhouse Vocals From Coast to Coast

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Sourced Photo

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In a world where lookalikes and cookie-cutter images reign supreme, there is one powerhouse singer that stands out in a crowd. She goes by the moniker “Celiane the Voice”. Celiane is a multi-faceted entertainer who refuses to be pigeon-holed into one specific genre. A non-conformist at heart, Celiane the Voice writes her own rules.  If you were to try to categorize her music, you might be tempted to relegate her music to EDM or New Age music, but Celiane coins her sound as “Electronica Hip-Opera”. Electronic synchopation, drizzled over Hip Hop interludes, anchored by superb opera vocals, Celiane the Voice can hold her own—across multiple genres.

“I believe that the main quality that allows me to connect with my fans the most is that I emanate Love. I genuinely love performing my songs in front of a live audience. Our symbiotic energy makes me a better artist”, said Celiane.

In addition to blazing new trails on the main stage, Celiane the Voice is also making formidable strides in the business arena. “I’m an entertainer, but I also have a Business background so I knew at the onset of the pandemic that I would have to pivot if I wanted to save my career. I knew that it was no longer business as usual, so I tapped into my talents and skill set and diversified my brand”, stated Celiane. 

Her decision to reinvent herself has opened up a myriad of new doors for her this year and now that her music career is thriving again—she has her sight set on performing in Vegas one day, which has been a life-long dream of hers. Celiane also has hopes to take her eclectic show on a tour across the country, and to ultimately land a residency in Vegas. 

Despite the fact that she is a disabled performer, Celiane is a force to be reckoned with. She doesn’t allow the limitations of her disability to limit her ambitions. Instead, she has created a unique and innovative way to meld music and technology together to bring the message of love, while elevating others to new dimensions. Celiane’s otherworldly approach to creating music has positioned her in a league of her own.

Based out of the Bay Area in California, Celiane The Voice is a pioneering and dynamic singer who specializes in genre of Electronica Hip-Opera, which she created. With a background in both Opera and Jazz and over twenty years of vocal training, both at UC Berkeley and through private instructors, she has developed a mastery over her vocals through hard work and dedication. 

While continually working to build up her repertoire and create a unique and memorable sound, she has performed live at events such as 504, The Musical (in New York), Rose City Comicon (2022), Afro Comicon, NorCal Cosplay Ball, NYE 2018, and Napa Smith Brewery, and she has hopes of touring internationally in 2023-2024. Her work can currently be found online on streaming platforms such as ITunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp. 

To learn more about Celiane, visit:
Connect with her on social media: Instagram @celianevoice.

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