February 23, 2024
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Chi Oriji: CEO of OMG Music Label Searching for Undiscovered Authentic Talents in the Music Industry

Fueled by his dream of establishing a haven for emerging music visionaries where their growth and development are the top priorities, DJ Chi Oriji is officially launching the Orijinal Music Group to transform his vision into a reality. With this latest endeavor at hand, the CEO of the rising independent music label is now searching for the next authentic talents ready to take the music industry by storm.

Almost four years ago, DJ Chi Oriji unofficially established what is known today as the Orijinal Music Group (OMG) music label. In 2017, he first took artists Che and Jaey London under his management and provided them with creative guidance that has brought in several accolades over the years. Today, what initially started as a small talent management hub has now transformed into a full-blown independent music label on a mission to provide artists the necessary knowledge and resources that will help them advance their music careers to greater heights. 

Chi Oriji is the founder of Orijinal Music Group. He is a renowned DJ and entrepreneur who has thrived in the industry since 2013. Over the years, he has served as a headliner DJ in several festivals, including Quebec’s Festivent de Levis and Texas’ Austin City Limits Festival. He has worked alongside and opened up for music celebrities such as Sean Paul, Meg Thee Stallion, Davido, Tunez, Afro B, Burna Boy, and many more. Moreover, he is also the founder and curator of AFROFEST TOUR, the largest African-Caribbean indoor festival known to have toured around the United States with thousands of attendees and a tour list of ten major cities. 

The renowned DJ believes there is a clear imbalance between the number of undiscovered music potentials and music companies looking out for the artists’ best interests. This reality at hand is why transparency will always play a crucial role for him when working alongside artists. “I want the people I work with to know exactly how much work it takes to become successful in the music industry,” says Chi Oriji. With this in mind, he strives to create a platform that embodies a culture for growth not only as a musician but, more so, as a human being.

Since 2017, DJ Chi Oriji has formed a roster of talented music artists who have been commended for their musical skills and abilities. Most recently, the self-declared “Trap&B” artist Che was nominated for a 2020 Grammy Award for his songwriting ability featured in Maxi Priest’s “It All Comes Back to Love” album. 

For DJ Chi Oriji, Orijinal Music Group was founded on the belief that artists can succeed in the music industry while staying authentic and true to themselves. Hence, the music label is essentially committed to empowering artists to take control of their music and their creative process. Simply put, OMG is providing artists with the necessary tools to work for themselves and not for others. 

To know more about DJ Chi Oriji and the Orijinal Music Group, please visit their official website.

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