July 21, 2024
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Creating Intelligent Chains Across Africa: Ola Balogun Pioneers Digital Transformation for Healthcare Businesses

Ola Balogun
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Olatorera Balogun, a visionary leader and expert in International Business Innovation and Supply Chain, is revolutionizing the healthcare industry through innovation and automation. With a background in International Business Innovation and Supply Chain, Balogun is driving the digital transformation of healthcare businesses across Africa, creating intelligent chains that streamline operations and drive growth.

Under Balogun’s leadership, Natavi Consulting and Investments has become a prominent digital and business growth services provider with operations in the United Kingdom and Nigeria. Balogun is also the Head of Operations for Sudabelt Medical, a multinational company based in Lagos, Nigeria, that provides world-class medical and pharmaceutical products and services across Nigeria, Ghana, and the United Arab Emirates.

“Passion rules the heart of men and drives the best of us to create and engage creatively in activities that make a difference in people’s lives, in our workplace, or even in our personal space. This passion has led me to find a subject of focus, to place everything I have been and that which I want to be under a worthy course, which is changing the landscape of healthcare businesses through innovation and automation,” says Ola Balogun.

Through the adoption of cutting-edge technology like the Internet of Things (IoT), Balogun has been instrumental in helping businesses capture real-time information for better decision-making. IoT enables seamless communication and integration of hardware, software, and components, facilitating the collection, analysis, and transfer of data without human intervention.

Ola Balogun’s expertise in integrating networks across Africa, Europe, and Asia has enabled businesses to achieve unprecedented levels of connectivity. By connecting different Enterprise Resource Planning systems through wireless technology, sales points, inventory, and shipment tracking are synchronized. The results have been remarkable, lowering operational costs through automation, providing extended visibility, and enabling faster interactions between trading partners.

Balogun’s specialized approach to business problems sets Natavi Consulting and Investments apart. “My approach to business problems is from a specialized viewpoint. First creating a clear understanding of issues and then providing tailor-suited solutions to each,” states Ola Balogun. Their expertise lies in commercial operations and Digital Enterprise Maturity, empowering organizations to become highly digital enterprises. “Our goal is to do a few things well and do so in the most specialized and focused approach to create intelligent chains internally and externally,” adds Balogun.

The benefits of digital transformation are far-reaching. By collecting data at every customer touchpoint, businesses gain a deeper understanding of customer needs and can provide personalized experiences. Improved information sharing with suppliers enhances product design and customer preferences. Additionally, the integration of networks and IoT enables better coordination among different entities within the healthcare ecosystem.

“While technology is playing a key role in improving business interaction, technology is still largely human-driven; hence, for us to do more business and trade more across global boundaries, businesses need to adopt modern tech and coordinate this tech,” insightfully shares Balogun. “Beyond the Internet of Things, there has to be an Internet of purpose and goals into a seamless whole. Customer needs should match service provider capacities and resources being provided by suppliers.”

Natavi Consulting and Investments is at the forefront of driving digital transformation and creating intelligent chains across Africa. With Olatorera Balogun leading the way, healthcare businesses are poised to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


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