June 22, 2024
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Dina and Artem Share Their Inspiration in Creating Masterful Melodies

An informal writing session over WhatsApp gave birth to a beautiful collaboration that crosses continents, defies all odds, and touches every listener’s heart. Dina and Artem‘s impressive music sounds fresh, unique, and heartfelt. Instead of settling for something that has been done before, they push themselves to create a kind of music that genuinely penetrates deeper into human thoughts and emotions. 

Dina and Artem’s journey as excellent artists began after accidentally coming across each other through an Instagram ad that Dina launched. Like many musicians who suffered from the harsh effects of the pandemic, both were eagerly looking for ways to fulfill their dreams despite all that was happening. 

One of their first collaborations, “Call it Love,” is a musical delight made with vocal melodies that carry listeners across the musical spectrum. Their creative collaboration is something to look out for because they will indeed create significant contributions to the music industry and the lives of their listeners through their soulful music. 

Music has been Dina’s loyal companion ever since she was born. Her brilliance in music is due to her various styles and knowledge of the different cultures of music. Her deep passion and creativity as she writes music that would tell stories to her listeners result from who she is today and the music she creates.

Dina Layzis is an expressive musical artist, and her heart and mind serve as the place where her emotions are turned into melodies while her hands and voice are the tools of her creativity. Creating music is Dina’s avenue to express her passion and showcase her musical creativity artistically.

Dina has worked, written, and recorded with Oscar, Grammy, and Golden Globe-nominated songwriters and producers such as Jud Friedman, Marco Marinengeli, Rick Allison, and Jeff Franzel. 

Artem Tenkeli, soulful musician and songwriter, was born in a small polar village. In Artem’s family, his family had no musicians; however, classical music served as the background music of the house. Music played a significant role in Artem’s upbringing. As a young boy, he would already feel the emotions behind the songs. At a very early age of eleven, he came to music school and began showing growing desires in composing. His first compositions were about fairy tales and stories, but eventually, he composed songs and told his own stories.

He focused and grew his craft for ten years. From finishing Conservatory to being the soloist of the Philharmonic, working at various theaters in Moscow, and performing solo and joint concerts, he underwent years of perfecting his craft and gaining rich experiences.  Though he has been more frequently in concerts, his desire for composing his music has been reawakened. Artem writes for movies and various performances. He is currently working on creating masterful music with Dina. The brilliant singer and songwriter Dina Layzis and excellent musician and composer Artem Tenkeli look forward to creating one-of-a-kind music together in the coming years. As they masterfully create excellent music, the music connoisseurs are looking forward to presenting their first single in the coming months!

Dina and Artem’s music is on Spotify, and more information about them can be found on their Instagram accounts (@dina_layzis and @artem_tenkeli).

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