March 1, 2024
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DJ Chris Angel: From Military to Music Stardom

Transitioning into a new career will always remain one of the scariest moves for any human to make, especially after somewhere that offered stability. The feeling of doubt, fear, and the uncertainty that is attached to taking such a leap may inadvertently lead to an even bigger failure, but it may also lead to unbelievable success. For Christian Younan, popularly known as DJ Chris Angel, leaving the military to pursue music was one of the bravest decisions he ever made.   

As he is known today, DJ Chris Angel is one of the many adults today who had nothing close to a normal upbringing. As he could accurately recall, growing up was tough, and he was forced to be an adult at a young age. At 14, he started his first job of watering plants for a coffee shop, and by the time he was 16, he was juggling two jobs at a fast food joint and a CD store while attending high school. Although while all this was on, his love for music never went away and by the time he joined the military, that was a real break that changed his financial status and ushered in an emotional state that he battled for a long time. 

Music is universal, and the same goes for DJ Chris Angel’s work. Everyone, regardless of age and gender, can listen and find it relatable. However, at the core of his style, bass music fans, lovers of electronic music, and music festival-goers are his biggest target audience. “My music is diverse, probably something you’ve never heard before. I keep my listeners guessing. I have my unique style that was created by other genres I enjoy.”

DJ Chris Angel is a testament that anything is possible, but only with the right attitude and dedication. As a young lad coming from poverty where his only escape was music and football practice, enlisting in the military at the time felt like the big break he had always prayed for until he left the service and realized he had lost his ability to stand before a large crowd or perform before them as a result of a social anxiety disorder he picked up while serving. But thanks to his resilience and never-say-die attitude, he remained committed to his calling. Today, he is nearly breaking into mainstream prominence within the United States music scene. 

Still in the process of honing his skills and releasing tunes that every music lover can gravitate toward, DJ Chris Angel hopes to work alongside mainstream A-list stars he currently looks up to and hopefully lands a record deal, as well as be an inspiration to tons of young people who are stuck and unfulfilled in their current jobs and needed the push to leave or anyone suffering from any form of anxiety or panic attacks.

Connect with the DJ Chris Angel and watch some of his electrifying performances via his Instagram page. 

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