July 23, 2024
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Dr. Steinbrech Leading the Male Plastic Surgery Revolution in New York City

Dr. Steinbrech Leading the Male Plastic Surgery Revolution in New York City
Photo Courtesy: Dr. Douglas Steinbrech, M.D., F.A.C.S

Dr. Douglas Steinbrech has led the way for male plastic surgery patients. When Steinbrech opened the first Male Plastic Surgery practice over a decade ago on Park Avenue in NYC, the percentage of patients he served was small compared to the percentage of patients he serves now. Today, thanks to Dr. Steinbrech’s ambition, determination, and skill, the percentage of men now turning to plastic surgery in 2024 has grown exponentially – the original percentage has nearly tripled. 

While deciding to open a medical practice that would only address the niche needs of a small group of patients was a high-stakes bet, the results have validated Dr. Steinbrech’s risk.

While Dr. Steinbrech welcomes female patients and offers beautiful results for procedures (i.e., breast lifts, breast reductions, tummy tucks, liposuction, mommy makeovers, etc.), his specialty focuses on the results he provides for his male patients. Dr. Steinbrech has a keen eye for masculinity, which is why the percentage of male plastic surgery patients has grown as quickly as it has over the last ten years. And to think it all started with Male Plastic Surgery’s New York City office.

Since Dr. Steinbrech, a board-certified plastic surgeon, gambled on starting the MPS practice in 2013, and its payoff has been so significant, the doctor has been dubbed the leader in male aesthetics and the “go-to surgeon for men” by Forbes.

The following cosmetic approaches have become the focal points for surgical options at Dr. Steinbrech’s Male Plastic Surgery offices across the country, and have helped the practices better identify what their male patients are looking for.

  • Male Model: Since all men want to look and feel like the men they see on the covers of magazines, Dr. Steinbrech has made this dream a reality. Now, men who are looking to give themselves more of an edge (by sharpening their jawlines, cheekbones, noses, abs, pectoral muscles, biceps, triceps, and other parts of the body) can give subtle accentuation to their features via Dr. Steinbrech’s approach. Men are walking around now with more confidence than ever before. 
  • Bodybuilder: Men can now directly focus on the areas of the body that don’t immediately respond to exercise (glutes, chest, and more.) This surgical approach is requested a lot among men since well-defined features are the epitome of perfection.
  • Athletic Dad: A Daddy-Do-Over is a dad’s version of self-care after having children. Contrary to the Mommy Makeover, a Daddy-Do-Over addresses facial sagging and utilizes procedures such as eye lifts and liposuction. When Dr. Steinbrech’s technique is implemented during this particular point of a man’s life, confidence no longer needs to be sacrificed.
  • Boardroom Executive: This cosmetic approach maintains the position for men wanting to stay at the peak of their game. This cosmetic approach allows successful men to age a little more gracefully, regardless of the effects their hard work may have on their bodies.

Dr. Steinbrech’s NYC practice is located on Park Avenue, and you can’t miss it. Located in a beautifully renovated historic building at the corner of Park and East 67th, Dr. Steinbrech’s office is undoubtedly one of the stately buildings on the block. Inside and out, the practice and the patients are all testaments to the breakthrough Dr. Steinbrech has made for men in the world of plastic surgery.

Published by: Holy Minoza

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