February 28, 2024
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Dr. Tyler Hales Redefines the Dental Industry with a Contemporary Approach on Cosmetic Dentistry

The dental industry is rife with shakers and movers who consistently innovate the industry to provide modern solutions for modern problems. Dr. Tyler Hales is among the exemplary individuals who have positively impacted the world of cosmetic dentistry. Since establishing his private practice in 2013, the renowned dental professional has continuously served his clients with quality comprehensive dental care by taking a contemporary approach.

Dr. Tyler Hales is a cosmetic dentist in South Orange County, California. With his partner Dr. Lincoln Parker, the powerhouse duo established Hales Parker Dentistry, a private practice boasting their seasoned expertise within the realm of dental care. Dr. Tyler Hales is adept at providing services that involve veneers and sleep dentistry. 

Throughout his storied career, Dr. Tyler Hales has become the go-to dentist for several Bravo TV starlets, including Madison LeCroy of Bravo TV’s Southern Charm and Real Housewives of OC Peggy Tanous, models, actors, and influencers, cementing his reputation as a widely recognized celebrity dentist.

Many patients from all across the United States have traveled from different parts of the country just to have Dr. Tyler Hales transform their smiles. Not only is he an expert in dentistry, but the esteemed dental professional has also built a reputation for becoming an innovator in his practice. One of the things patients are looking forward to is the “Smile Test Drive,” where they are given the opportunity to see what veneers would look like before making any commitment.

The process mirrors what most people go through when purchasing their own vehicle: going for a test drive to see if a car lives up to one’s needs and desires before going through the purchasing process. Dr. Tyler Hales has successfully implemented this test drive aspect to cosmetic dentistry to the delight of his many beloved patients. 

When opting for a Smile Test Drive, patients will have Dr. Tyler Hales place a removable material on their teeth to show them what is possible with veneers to improve their teeth’ shape, color, and symmetry. “The ‘test drive’ reveal is an exciting moment for my patients when they get to see the potential of their smile in real-time,” explained Dr. Tyler Hales.  

Apart from his world-renowned smile test-drive services, Dr. Tyler Hales also offers his patients a direct line to his services through “Smile Virtual.” The platform serves as an online communication gateway where patients can contact Dr. Tyler Hales and receive answers to their burning questions.

Through “Smile Virtual,” patients can submit a few photos and discuss with Dr. Tyler Hales the changes they want to see in their smiles. He then sends his patients a personalized video addressing all their questions and concerns. “It really breaks down the communication barriers and allows my patients to get their questions answered without even leaving their house. Plus, when patients who have communicated with me via Smile Virtual come to the office, there are no surprises, and expectations are clear,” shared Dr. Tyler Hales.

Besides his duties as a world-class dentist, Dr. Tyler Hales enjoys spending time with his wife Audra and their four children. Being married for 12 years, the husband and wife enjoy spending quality time with their children at the beach. Dr. Tyler Hales also frequents healthy physical habits such as going to the gym and playing sports to keep in shape.

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