June 22, 2024
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Draft Top: A Revolution in Canned Beverages Experience

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Sourced Photo

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In the realm of Bev-Tech, Draft Top stands tall as a leader, transforming the way people relish canned beverages. Pioneered by a passionate quartet of inventors – Armand Ferranti, Sean Kelly, Alex Caracappa, and CEO Paul Tuhy, Draft Top offers a unique blend of innovation, functionality, and sustainable design.

Draft Top‘s inception is rooted in a simple idea – to elevate the canned drinking experience. It’s an ingenious tool that safely opens the top of canned beverages. This patented tool not only creates a versatile drinking vessel out of a simple can but also empowers consumers to appreciate their drinks’ flavors and aromas, like never before.

Each Draft Top tool, equipped with durable blades, seamlessly transforms aluminum cans into smooth-edged drinking glasses. Its compatibility ranges from beer and sodas to energy drinks and seltzers, catering to a wide spectrum of beverage enthusiasts.

This concept of “drinking topless” has gained Draft Top international recognition and popularity, attracting attention from influencers, media outlets, and even beverage companies. A strategic collaboration with restaurants and bars has expanded the brand’s reach, enhancing global brand awareness.

At its core, Draft Top represents a commitment to sustainability and a stand against single-use plastic waste. This environmentally-conscious stance resonates with the growing global demand for eco-friendly products, and Draft Top’s continued innovation, honed by consumer feedback and collaboration, promises to inspire positive change in global drinking culture.

Draft Top‘s founding team encapsulates the company’s ethos of innovation and sustainability. CEO Paul Tuhy brings to the table 40 years of experience in the insurance industry and a strong business management background. A trooper turned entrepreneur, Paul’s entrepreneurial spirit fuels the company’s drive to evolve.

President and Co-Founder Armand Ferranti’s passion for inventing shines through Draft Top’s innovative product line. Ferranti’s background as a commercial pilot and aircraft mechanic turned inventor is the driving force behind Draft Top’s revolutionary design.

As COO and Co-Founder, Sean Kelly embodies the startup culture, blending his experience with the New York Yankees and the Aerospace Insurance industry to his role. His dedication towards improving operational efficiency and achieving marketing goals fortifies Draft Top’s growth.

Alex Caracappa, CTO and Co-Founder, spearheads the new product development projects at Draft Top. With his experience in robotics and Mechanical Engineering, Caracappa ensures that Draft Top products are reliable, robust, and customer-centric.

A bright vision for the future lies ahead for Draft Top. With an unwavering commitment to its mission of creating “innovative and sustainable solutions for unleashing the full potential of canned beverages,” Draft Top is poised to take the Bev-Tech industry by storm, one can at a time.


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