June 20, 2024
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“Empowered Voices, Equal Choices” – Advocating for Women’s Rights and Decision-making

“Empowered Voices, Equal Choices” - Advocating for Women’s Rights and Decision-making
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The call for “Empowered Voices, Equal Choices” continues to resonate as a powerful mantra for advocating women’s rights and decision-making. Empowering women to make choices about their lives and bodies is not merely a feminist ideal; it’s a fundamental human right and a critical aspect of achieving social progress.

Throughout history, women have faced discrimination and limited opportunities, perpetuating the gender gap in various aspects of life. The movement for women’s rights has brought about significant changes, yet there is still work to be done. Advocating for women’s rights means working toward a society where women have the autonomy to make decisions about their careers, education, health, and families, free from societal constraints.

In this article, we will introduce you to four remarkable individuals who actively support and promote women in making informed decisions about their lives. These advocates have made significant contributions in various fields and have played a pivotal role in shaping the discourse around gender equality and women’s decision-making

Advocacy and Progress in Women’s Rights

“Empowered Voices, Equal Choices” - Advocating for Women’s Rights and Decision-making
Photo Credit: Tristen Durkin

Tristen Durkin, a passionate advocate for women’s rights, is driven by the stark reality that women still face greater challenges in securing their rights compared to men. This determination fuels her commitment to the global gender equality movement. As the founder of True Medical Aesthetics, she has created a safe and supportive environment for women to embrace their true selves. Despite the progress that has been made, society’s persistent message that women are less valuable and deserving of respect continues to contribute to the likelihood of violence against them. In response, True Medical Aesthetics hosts raffles and encourages the signing of petitions, such as Woman-Life-Freedom, to support Iranian women who are courageously advocating for their fundamental human rights.

Tristen recognizes the positive strides in the women’s rights landscape, attributing much of this progress to the power of social media and technology. She notes, “Social media and technology have enabled women to unite and fight inclusively.”

When asked about strategies for further improving the landscape, she suggests eliminating gender options in surveys, questioning their relevance. Tristen’s concluding message is unequivocal: while progress has undeniably been achieved, the battle for women’s rights and gender equality must persist.

Overcoming Gender Bias

“Empowered Voices, Equal Choices” - Advocating for Women’s Rights and Decision-making
Photo Credit: Hilary DeCesare

In the face of gender bias, Hilary DeCesare, Peak Business Performance and Mindset Mastery Coach, CEO, and Founder of The ReLaunch Co., persisted and eventually became one of the few female managers in the early daysat Tech giant Oracle. During her time at the company, she consistently championed women’s rights. While on maternity leave expecting twins, her Vice President surprised her with the news of a new manager upon her return. Despite initial resistance and laughter, she insisted on an interview, and after determined efforts and interviews with Senior VPs over three weeks, the decision was reversed. Her former manager became her director, despite team discomfort and resentment. Her unwavering commitment and determination prevented her from being overlooked again.

Hilary’s vision for the future is inspired by her experiences. She witnessed women achieving what was once considered impossible. “I have just come back from the NOW Honors, Pink Summit where I saw women doing what was considered impossible in years past and now it is very possible” she shares. This event underscores the increasing willingness of women to seize opportunities and shatter the glass ceiling. 

Her ultimate goal is to empower women to reach their greatest potential using her 3HQTM framework. By aligning the head, heart, and highest self, women can navigate professional and personal challenges, transforming setbacks into opportunities for growth and success.
“We must all get out of our head, into your heart and Tune In to your highest self” she says.

Empowering the Next Generation

“Empowered Voices, Equal Choices” - Advocating for Women’s Rights and Decision-making
Photo Credit: Anna Nowak and Alicia Berg

Anna Nowak and Alicia Berg, the founders of Made Hot STHLM AB, are two advocates for women’s rights and decision-making who believe in empowering the next generation and transforming society to achieve gender equality. They highlighted the importance of nurturing young voices and encouraging young girls to believe in the power of their own voices.

As Alicia shares, “Today, there is a strong focus on empowering the next generation and including their voices in decision-making because it profoundly impacts their world and future.”

They have witnessed progress in women’s rights, with a focus on fundamental human rights and workplace equality. One notable recent advancement is Spain’s menstrual leave law, passed in February. This law grants women the right to take leave during their periods. “Just this year, Spain became the first European country to pass a menstrual leave law. A lot is happening in the world and in our society.” Anna says. These developments signify an increasing awareness of the unique challenges women face and the necessity to address them.

Anna and Alicia emphasize the importance of men gaining a better understanding of women’s experiences, recognizing the physical and emotional challenges of monthly cycles. They advocate for a more balanced and equitable approach to social and work systems. While acknowledging the grim statistics regarding women’s rights, Anna and Alicia’s passion and dedication offer hope for a brighter future where women’s voices are genuinely heard, valued, and celebrated.

Advocating for Women’s Rights and Reproductive Health

“Empowered Voices, Equal Choices” - Advocating for Women’s Rights and Decision-making
Photo Credit: Stephanie Jaie

Within the landscape of women’s rights and reproductive health, advocates like Stephanie Jaie play a crucial role in pushing for change and empowering women to make informed choices about their bodies and lives.

Stephanie Jaie, author, speaker, Somatic Sexologist, is a passionate advocate for women’s rights and reproductive health. She firmly believes in empowering women to make decisions about their bodies and their lives. One key moment in her advocacy journey was in response to the pro-life movement gaining momentum in 2017.

In her hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Stephanie organized a fundraiser that donated thousands of dollars to pro-choice agencies and charities in the United States, advocating for women’s right to have safe and trusted methods of birth control and reproductive health. Stephanie recognizes the global disparities in women’s reproductive health rights and is dedicated to making a positive change in this landscape.

Stephanie finds hope in recent developments, such as the United Nations’ statement urging Member States to prioritize safe and effective sexual reproductive health, birth control, and abortion services. She believes that taking a clear stance on these issues is vital, especially as women’s rights and decision-making face challenges in certain regions, like the United States. “As a women’s pleasure and sexuality advocate and coach, I deeply understand the correlation between reproductive health rights and a woman’s ability to feel safe, valued, and empowered in her life. I am grateful to the UN for taking a clear and direct stance on this topic and hope to see continued enforcement and action from them in the coming months,” she shares.

The pursuit of “Empowered Voices, Equal Choices” is not just a noble goal but an essential one for the progress of humanity. By championing women’s rights and decision-making, we foster a society where every individual is free to shape their destiny, unburdened by gender-based limitations. It is a collective responsibility to continue advocating for and upholding the principles of gender equality, education, reproductive rights, economic empowerment, and representation. In this shared effort, we pave the way for a brighter, fairer, and more inclusive future where women’s voices are not only heard but celebrated, and their choices are respected as an integral part of our collective journey toward a more equitable and just world.

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