April 17, 2024
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Francesca Reicherter Creating a Supportive World for People With Mental Health Conditions

Francesca Reicherter’s commitment to mental health advocacy stems from personal experience. In 2019, she tried ending her life and with the support of her godfather was able to continue on, but 27 days later, the same godfather died by suicide due to mental health problems that nobody was aware of, including Francesca. It made her wonder how someone who gave her reasons to live couldn’t find reasons to live himself. At that point, she resolved to tackle the bigger problem and solve it on a national and global scale by establishing Inspiring My Generation Corporation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, to fight the disparity in mental health awareness, support, and treatment accessibility.

Francesca Reicherter embarked on a mission to be a mental health advocate and drive conversations around mental health globally. Since she launched Inspiring My Generation Corporation and took the position of president of the foundation, Francesca has championed various initiatives, which include a podcast titled “Normalize the Conversation,” and an encouragement card program that donates handmade cards to mental health patients in various hospitals. The podcast is available on IGTV and YouTube. She also launched a clothing line to bear messages of support and empowerment to anyone wearing it. All of her initiatives are geared towards showing others that they’re not alone and should always speak up about their struggles.

Francesca Reicherter has a workbook titled “You Are Not Alone” workbook, an interactive workbook for kids to help them build a coping toolbox and stay in touch with their emotional wellness. Francesca realized that the problem with mental health awareness is not talking about it enough. “It is important for our youth to know that it’s okay to feel and that they’re not alone in feeling those feelings. We should also work on providing tools and resources that can help. Inspiring My Generation is committed to that, and the “You Are Not Alone” workbook is one of the first learning tools for children,” Francesca says. The book is highly interactive, and it bridges the communication gap between parents and children through its guided check-in exercises on opening conversations on how the children feel. A percentage of the sales proceeds go to Inspiring My Generation Corporation to continue fighting for mental health awareness.

To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month, she launched a special sweatshirt to create awareness on how one out of five individuals lives with a mental health issue. Francesca Reicherter targets parents, educators, school boards, and every individual living with mental health disorders. Francesca’s struggle after her uncle’s death and the one week she spent in a psych ward gave her a clearer picture of how many people struggled with their mental health. On her godfather’s birthday in March 2020, she launched her nonprofit, and a year later, she has made giant strides in championing conversations that people did not have years before. 

Her goal is to take Inspiring My Generation to global heights and continue to help as many people as possible while giving a voice to those who have lost loved ones to suicide or are on the verge of suicide to speak out. Inspiring My Generation started as a blog when Francesca was 12. Today, it’s a full-fledged nonprofit organization making significant impacts on lives globally.

Learn more about Francesca Reichter and buy the You Are Not Alone Workbook online.

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