June 16, 2024
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Guinness World Record Holder Dark Joseph Ravine Says, “Traveling Soothes the Soul”

Dark Joseph Ravine
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Your next big adventure could change your life forever. Social media superstar Dark Joseph Ravine is best known for his Guinness World Record title, which he earned in 2017 for the longest line of arcade tickets. Since then, he spends his days traveling, writing, and creating social media content for his massive following. He says that traveling is what changed his perspective on life.

“I love seeing new places. It’s the best way to learn about people who are different from you,” says Ravine.

In July of 2022, Ravine visited Little Canada, where he learned about the region from the tourist attraction. This drastically changed his worldview, as do most of his vacations, even when he travels to places that are physically closer to home. Sometimes, rewards are not found within material objects, but with life-changing experiences, instead. One could argue that the major takeaway was the giant prize Ravine won from the Niagara Falls arcade he once visited. However, he asserts that he’s about the people he interacts with every day above all else. 

“The material objects are secondary to the adventures that I get to go on. Sure, I can win as many PS5s that my heart desires, but that never quite measures up to the experience of meeting new people, you know? You can’t learn that much about culture, and life, from playing on a PS5–though, I do love to do that, of course. I learned so much about Canada in such a short time at Little Canada. I love stuff like that. Every time I go somewhere new, I try to find places like Little Canada to learn new things. Unique attractions can be found worldwide, and I want to see them all!” he says. 

Recently, Ravine achieved another great feat. His debut children’s story, Watch Out! It’s Nolan, was released recently. This book hopes to encourage anti-bullying sentiments, allowing kids to be themselves while they learn about their peers in healthy ways. Now, Ravine is committed to his anti-bullying campaign, and Nolan’s story really was just the first page. He hopes that through more endeavors like his book, he can ultimately end childhood bullying for generations to come. This would certainly be a major win. Traveling, he says, is part of the process, since he can learn how different people think, feel, and act all around the world.

“Traveling helps get my creative juices flowing. The more I travel, the more I want to write! Traveling soothes the soul.”

He also says he plans to write more after his first book about Nolan. This story only scratches the surface of the ideas that he has brewing. They all fit in with his Kindness for Success mission statement, as well as his staunch anti-bullying campaign. Whether he continues solely with Nolan’s story, or branches out to new characters and storylines, is uncertain. We do know, though, that we will be hearing more from the mind of Dark Joseph Ravine very soon. Now, we can only wonder what Joseph will write next!

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