April 23, 2024
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Harry Kappen: Weaving Music, Therapy, and Life’s Tapestry

Harry Kappen: Weaving Music, Therapy, and Life's Tapestry
Photo Courtesy: Harry Kappen

In a world often dominated by the clamor of headlines and the chaos of daily life, Harry Kappen stands as a beacon of introspection and connection. His music, both as an artist and a therapist, serves as a bridge between the tumult of existence and the serenity of the human soul. In a recent interview, Kappen delved into the inspiration behind his latest single “One Life,” his journey as a musician and music therapist, and the symbiotic relationship between his various roles.

“One Life,” Kappen’s latest single, emerges as a poignant reminder of the essence of existence: love, light, and connection. Reflecting on his previous releases, which tackled weighty societal issues, Kappen felt compelled to return to the fundamental aspects of human experience. “Putting love back at the center of our short earthly existence,” he remarks, encapsulating the ethos behind his soul-stirring composition.

Kappen’s musical odyssey began early in life, with the strings of a guitar weaving the soundtrack to his journey. Growing up in Groningen, Netherlands, he found himself immersed in a vibrant music culture that nurtured his passion for performance and composition. His trajectory as a musician seamlessly intertwined with his evolution as a music therapist, a path illuminated by a friend’s insightful suggestion. “Music therapy might be a good fit for me,” he recalls, acknowledging the prescience of his companion’s counsel.

As a multi-instrumentalist, Kappen possesses a versatile palette, enriching his therapeutic endeavors with a diverse array of musical expressions. Whether plucking the strings of a guitar or caressing the keys of a piano, he channels the language of music to forge connections with his clients. “Every client, just like every song, needs a unique approach,” he elucidates, underscoring the intrinsic harmony between his roles as a musician and a therapist.

The forthcoming album, aptly titled ‘ONE LIFE, the album,’ promises a melodic tapestry interwoven with an eclectic array of genres. Kappen’s creative process defies constraints, mirroring the nuanced intricacies of life itself. “Life as such is not clear-cut,” he muses, embracing the fluidity of artistic expression with characteristic grace.

As a music therapist, Kappen traverses the landscapes of human emotion, guiding youth and families through the labyrinth of their struggles. Through music’s transformative power, he unveils the latent threads of dysfunction, offering a pathway towards healing and reconciliation. “Music is a translation of emotion,” he affirms, articulating its profound capacity to transcend verbal confines and unearth hidden truths.

Influenced by luminaries like David Bowie and Radiohead, Kappen’s musical tapestry resonates with a kaleidoscopic fusion of inspiration. Drawing from the wellspring of their artistry, he embarks on a creative journey suffused with authenticity and innovation. “Atmosphere and content are always coordinated in a natural way,” he reflects, echoing the ethos of his esteemed predecessors.

Amidst the accolades and achievements of his career, Kappen finds solace in the simple joys of connection and creativity. Each moment of resonance, each note of shared harmony, constitutes a testament to the transformative power of music. “Rewarding for me is in the little things,” he muses, embodying a humility that belies the magnitude of his impact.

As a lecturer at ‘Codarts’ in Rotterdam, Kappen imparts his wisdom to a new generation of aspiring music therapists. Guiding them with a blend of expertise and empathy, he endeavors to nurture their talents and instill in them a profound reverence for the therapeutic potential of music.

In the ever-evolving interplay between his roles as a musician, therapist, and educator, Kappen finds himself continually enriched and inspired. “Perhaps because my clients and students are so diverse in nature,” he muses, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between his various pursuits.

Looking towards the horizon, Kappen’s creative journey shows no signs of abating. With the impending release of ‘ONE LIFE, the album,’ he sets his sights on new horizons, ever eager to explore the boundless possibilities of musical expression. “It won’t stop for a while,” he asserts, his spirit undaunted by the ceaseless rhythm of creativity.

As Harry Kappen’s melodies continue to echo through the corridors of our collective consciousness, they serve as a testament to the enduring power of music to illuminate, to heal, and to connect. In his music, we find a reflection of our own humanity—a reminder that amidst the chaos of life, love and connection endure as eternal beacons of hope.


Published by: Martin De Juan

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