April 18, 2024
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Harry Shasho Goes against All Odds and Establishes New York’s Best Car Customization Company, 212 Motoring

Hardships create the toughest people. For the acclaimed entrepreneur and exotic car influencer Harry Shasho, the hardships came in full swing, forcing him to adapt to his environment at such a young age, forcing him to practically raise himself into becoming the successful man that he is today. “Growing up, I lived in a very tough neighborhood with hard circumstances, where nothing ever came easy, and nothing was free,” said Harry. Things would only spiral down for the worst when tragedy struck him and his family.

After enduring the divorce of his parents, he would soon lose both of them in a tragic turn of events. At the time, Harry was in his early 20s; despite the barrage of negative events, he remained steadfast and vowed to rise into the upper echelons of society all on his own. He always knew that he wasn’t fit to work a 9-to-5 job, so he decided to hustle twice as hard to become his own boss.

Harry Shasho worked several odd jobs just to save enough money so he could start his own business. Eventually, he would hit the mark and establish a computer retail business. Things went steady for a good while, but the industry soon faced a sudden crash in the late 1990s. Just like that, he was back at square one with nothing left to his name but his passion for cars.

Back in the day, Harry would use his free time to read up on the latest car news. “I would walk miles and miles each day with little money in my pocket, just to get the latest automotive magazines,” expressed Harry. 

Soon enough, he would then pursue his passion for cars into his next venture, 212 Motoring. This time, he was well-equipped with the knowledge, expertise, and determination to grow his business into the massive success that it was destined to become. Lo and behold, at the time of writing, 212 Motoring has become the finest automobile customization company in New York.

212 Motoring offers a wide variety of automotive services such as insurance, collision repair, customization, sales, and many more. Harry’s unwavering drive has allowed him to clear the path for himself in the automobile customization industry working with the world’s leading professionals in automobile fine-tuning, crafts, and customizations.

His renowned company has gained a lot of buzz within the national scene, with clients from all across the United States hoping to avail of their services. 212 Motoring has even managed to serve massive celebrities and athletes such as Chris Brown and Vince Carter. Homeland Security and the NYPD have also availed of Harry’s services seeking out customizations for their fleet.

Driving past 212 Motoring at 3939 Emmons Avenue in South Brooklyn will prove to be a sight for sore eyes for car enthusiasts much like Harry. No matter what day it is, luxury cars are parked right outside the shop for onlookers to appreciate. 

It’s clear to see that Harry Shasho is a driven entrepreneur who has manifested the best possible outcome out of his dire situation. He hopes that his story will become an inspiration to all the people out there who currently find themselves at rock bottom. It is possible to rise above adversity and fight for one’s dreams. It just takes the right determination and the right amount of action. Harry Shasho is a living testament to that fact.

To know more about 212 Motoring and the remarkable Harry Shasho, visit the company’s official website.

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