June 22, 2024
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Hip Hop Sensation Hitta Castro Shows No Sign of Stopping

The music industry continues to attract a plethora of talent from all over the world keen to make their mark. Some remarkable artists have been able to distinguish themselves and make their voices heard above the crowd’s noise with their determination and originality, and that has been the case of the hip hop sensation, Hitta Castro.

Hitta Castro is a fast-rising music artist born in Lynn, Massachusetts but raised in San Diego, California. He comes from a family deeply rooted in music, which inspired his musical experimentation right from an early age. Although he also boxed for about eight years at a particular time, Hitta never relinquished his love for music and was constantly churning out original song lyrics. However, it was not until after his daughter was born that he decided to redirect his focus to music as a career.

Ever since he first burst onto the scene a little over a decade ago, Hitta Castro has been something of a phenomenon in the underground hip hop arena with gripping performances and notable features on various mixtapes. His mixtape, “Blowin Out Ya Speakers Volume 1,” released in 2009, was the world’s first introduction to this musical talent. The performance garnered very positive reviews and praise for the rising star. From then on, he has steadily progressed from landmark to landmark, making appearances on BET 106, being featured on Billboards in the middle of Times Square in New York in 2011. He has been interviewed on “This Is 50 with DJ Thoro”, “DWI Damatrix Studio”, and “Wazzup Radio on 93.5FM”.

Presently, Hitta Castro is working on his 5th studio album called “Abdullah Hamadah,” which stands for “God’s follower” and “One who praises.” The album name was also chosen to pay homage to a close friend, and Hitta remarks that it is one of the ways they address each other. Additionally, he will be releasing a single with Yanni K Babii slated for July 2021. He has held interviews with “Independent Artist Spotlight” and “Icreeupree TV Network,” which will be featuring the interview on Television channels 68 & 34 in the NYC metro area.

Hitta Castro is the owner of Money Records and runs a tightly knit team. As a passionate artist with a fierce drive to succeed, Hitta Castro understands the challenges and what it takes to build a lasting brand and become a respected household name in the music industry and has set about to do just that. In pursuit of his vision, his perseverance and go-getter attitude is noted among the hallmarks of his work ethic. Never resting on the oars of his previous successes, Hitta consistently releases singles and works on collaborations and projects; his lifestyle exemplifies hard work, which stands him out in any crowd.

Aside from music, Castro expanded into modeling for clothing companies like Tru Dawt, Jubei and Staxx On Deck, as well as featuring in his first movie, “Change of Plans God’s Way” in 2014.

In the coming years, Hitta Castro aims to become one of the major players in the hip hop genre, revolutionizing the industry and achieving global success. He also hopes to inspire other artists like him to keep pushing for their dreams and to let them see through his life that anything is possible. His music is available across all major streaming platforms.

To learn more about Hitta Castro and his current projects, visit his official website.

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