April 20, 2024
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How Healthcare Workers Looking to Make a Change in 2023 Are Utilizing the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy

By Jason A. Duprat, Founder — Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy 


If you don’t already have your goals for 2023 laid out, you’d better start working on them soon.

Goal setting is one of the biggest factors in success, but it’s all too easily set aside for later. That’s why I started the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy.

America is still very much in the midst of the Great Resignation, in which upwards of 4 million people are quitting their jobs every single month. Because unemployment has remained low, some experts have rechristened this trend the “Great Reassessment.” 

The Covid-19 pandemic inspired tens of millions of us to reassess our goals, priorities, and careers. Healthcare professionals are no exception, and they have a couple of big advantages over other occupations. For one, there are many new career options in healthcare right now; and two, healthcare is one of the few remaining growth industries. 

Setting (and meeting) goals for 2023

Today, many healthcare workers are utilizing the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy to find alternative ways to generate income. Some want to supplement their salaries; others are looking to build businesses that can replace or exceed what they make now. The mission of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy is to inspire, educate and motivate healthcare professionals to enter the exciting world of entrepreneurship. One of its tenets is that business ownership is the key to a happy and fulfilling career in the healthcare industry, which is why many of the experts on our podcast are experts in starting, running, and growing businesses.

We also offer training programs that help healthcare workers utilize their skills in other contexts. The Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy is part of an entirely new industry developed around helping healthcare workers use their existing skill sets in new ways, enabling them to leave the corporate system that so often leaves them overworked, underpaid, and just plain unhappy.

What’s New

During Covid, the demand for nurses skyrocketed, and many were empowered to choose when and where they worked, often earning far more than they had previously simply by accepting travel assignments. The self-employed freelance nurse is one of the most promising opportunities for any nurse in healthcare today, as they can create their own freelancing business and work almost anywhere, gaining increased freedom and higher overall pay.

These are just a few reasons why many nurses are coming to the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy. They want to learn how to create part-time clinics, such as a private practice that is open three days a week — an approach that reduces risk while helping to build a steady stream of patients. Many have already found success starting MedSpas, IV hydration and IV nutritional therapy practices, ketamine clinics, and even practices that specialize in psychedelic-assisted therapy. These are all highly-specialized career opportunities for clinicians interested in being on the cutting edge of medicine, and they address the public’s growing interest in mental health and wellness.

Free Advice

The Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy typically offers highly specialized information and advice. Many of our podcasts bring in experts from across the healthcare spectrum to talk business, but there is some general advice I can share with those reassessing their healthcare careers right now.

The first is to always be learning — what we in the healthcare business call “continuing education.” Since healthcare is a highly regulated industry, anyone considering opening up a clinic must first become familiar with the government’s rulebook by taking online courses, attending conferences, joining associations, and earning certifications. Naturally, the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy is here to help.

Second, once becoming an entrepreneur, it is absolutely essential to study marketing — particularly how to invest in marketing in a way that ensures a positive ROI. Most healthcare professionals are used to patients just walking in the door, but as a brand-new business, you’ll need to hustle for customers. Like a reputation, building a business is a process. It requires knowledge, constant learning, a lot of work, and a great deal of patience, but it can be the most rewarding thing a healthcare professional will do in their career.

— Jason Duprat, MBA, MSA, APRN, CRNA, hosts the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy podcast, the only show dedicated to educating, motivating, and inspiring professionals to start their own healthcare business. He interviews healthcare leaders and business experts to get a glimpse into their playbooks for success.


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