April 17, 2024
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How Misael Guerrero Builds a Legacy of Mexican Food in the United States

When he emigrated to the United States, Misael Guerrero brought his taste, talent, and roots with him.

What do ceviche trio, shrimp empanadas, and guacamoles have in common? They are all Mexican gourmets that are mastered and dominated by Misael Guerrero. Although America’s Mexican palette and restaurants have been rising in number for years, Chef Misael shows dominance as he spreads new restaurants and branches, quickly taking over the streets and is building an empire. 

In the early July of 2007, specifically in a place known for its wine, Misael Guerrero arrived in the state of California of the USA. He crossed the land border in search of better opportunities. Misael had a tough time navigating through the area, having to start from scratch. He worked in different jobs with varying responsibilities for each one, and Misael grew a greater conviction to consolidate his dreams and pursue his passion for cuisine. 

The struggles and hard work of washing dishes, serving tables, and other experiences led to his determination and passion to make it. Misael Guerrero started his career by making tamales, selling them from house to house and outside of established businesses. This later started problems within the city because of the laws of California after a certain period.

To avoid significant consequences and continue doing what he always dreamed of, in 2010, Misael Guerrero decided to prepare the garage of his house in Fontana. There he brought the tools and expertise needed to start selling sushi and seafood and enough space to cater to all the clients who supported his venture.

The key to his success, as Misael Guerrero shares, is the taste and flavor of Sinaloa characterized in each of his dishes that the customers crave. Through his entrepreneurship, the chef is able to build a treasure in the hearts of the people and his own: a small business where culture, food, and tradition were qualities that dominated and made the place more successful and recognizable. By the minute, his dishes were promoted on their own and soon growing faster than anticipated.

Due to the growing number of clients after a year, it was time to invest in a small establishment in the city of Rialto to meet the needs of the influx of customers. Aiming to sell sushi and Sinaloa-style food, Misael Guerrero built Culichitown, giving tribute to the Culichi people who took care of him growing up and inspired the chef to materialize his dreams. 

For years, Misael Guerrero’s restaurant favored people’s preferences even from other cities in Southern California, indicating that there was important popularity over his mix of Mexican gastronomy. Now it covers over 20 branches in different cities and other states of the country, generating jobs for more than 1,000 people and aspiring growth of the brand at a national level.  The company plans to expand to La Condesa, Downtown LA, and San Diego.

In this way, a vision of evident entrepreneurship was materialized, an objective was achieved, and his passion kept burning hot.

The opening of these restaurants is an excellent accomplishment for Misael Guerrero as it puts Mexico and its gastronomy more cosmopolitan in the United States, and the menu offers a unique and authentic dinner that puts the Mexican food taste into different palates—contributing to new challenges and opportunities. 

Overall, creating a legacy for his children and bringing notable Mexican food to places in the USA previously unknown reflects Misael Guerrero’s dishes.

Learn more by visiting his website to explore his menus, branches, and mission.

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