April 23, 2024
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How Remote Team Solutions Is Saving on Nearshore Staffing in North America

Offshoring is a tactic that has been used over the years in the US. It began with Fortune 500 companies offshoring their industrial plants to remote countries, utilizing their labor forces, building remote crews in different counties, and making the most of international talent and wage levels. Years ago, these services were only available to large companies as it was costly to have the connectivity needed to work remotely and manage and conform to local laws. However, with the current technology and available staffing solutions, startups and small businesses can now take advantage of nearshoring and engage remote staff in other countries.

Remote Team Solutions is a staffing company providing nearshore staffing for over 100 different positions, such as digital designers, executive assistants, IT, developers, finance, call centers, customer support staffing, project managers and more. It was founded by Pedro Barboglio and is based in Mexico. The company builds great teams for great companies. It offers every aspect of employee management, recruiting, and human resource functions to support you in establishing, scaling, and running your remote team in Mexico. Remote Team Solutions is Mexico’s number-one staffing company, has clients in all industries, from all sizes, and has been growing double digits each month.

Pedro shared, “One of the most significant benefits of hiring your nearshore staff with Remote Team Solutions is the considerable profit margin gains. Offshore and nearshore staffing helps you minimize your overheads, in some cases, by as much as 60%! We provide value to the community/industry in many ways, generating jobs and providing great talent to our clients, allowing them to keep growing. We are so proud to see our company and clients grow month on month and all the nice reviews our clients send us.”

Remote Team Solutions’ success did not come overnight. They struggled to gain the trust of their prospects and convert them into clients. Nevertheless, they focused on giving their clients the best service and quality and started winning awards and receiving great reviews from their clients. “In the beginning, it also helped that we showed them our other family business that has been in business for more than 40 years with Fortune 500 clients,” Pedro added.

Another major challenge the company faced was ensuring that clients saw their team in Mexico and Remote Team Solutions as an extension of their current team and that their staff in Mexico felt part of the client’s team and culture. The company’s HR and talent acquisition team has done a magnificent job at this, and all their clients view them as partners now.

Pedro reveals that the most interesting thing about the staffing industry is seeing how clients grow with the companies, e.g., they start with a team of one or two people and grow to a team of 15 to 20. He added that significant growth and many new applications and software for remote work are the biggest things he thinks the industry will experience in the next five years.

While there are many competitors, especially in India and the Philippines, Remote Team Solutions is unbeatable! They have a better location for their US customers and offer quality talent and services. When asked about their dreams and aspirations, the CEO responded, “We want to open offices in two or three states soon and continue adding programs that generate value for our customers. We want to keep fulfilling our purpose of contributing to the success of great companies by building their best remote teams; while making our clients and their team part of the RTS Family.”

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