April 20, 2024
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How Trucks With Room to Spare Inc Formed a National Network of Truckers to Help Communities Amid Disasters and Calamities

When it comes to helping people amid disasters and natural calamities, Trucks With Room to Spare Inc is in it for the long haul. The organization knows that disasters can never be predicted, so people can’t always prepare for everything. Over the years, Trucks With Room to Spare Inc has partnered with companies and organizations to help communities and families in need. In addition, they are on a mission to continually broaden their network of volunteers.

Trucks With Room to Spare Inc believe that the “old-school” value of truckers, dubbed as “Knights of the Highway,” remains strong until today. The organization provides one of the most crucial needs of people in times of crisis–transportation. The nonprofit is home to volunteer truck drivers who provide warehousing and assistance in supply distribution, on top of transportation, to reach communities. 

Trucks With Room to Spare Inc began in 2018, amid the devastating impact of Hurricane Michael. “I found myself in Houston, Texas with a small load on the deck headed to Florida, with Hurricane Michael approaching,” founder Shelli Conaway shared. She saw people preparing for the destruction and about to make landfall. Although people were warned about the incoming calamity, no one was able to totally grasp its devastating effects. 

“Many small groups, nonprofits, and churches were mobilizing, but hauling it in was a problem. As an owner-operator, I knew how high freight costs were for their small groups,” Shelli explained. “So I tried to connect with others, but in the organized chaos that a disaster caused, it was difficult.”

The founder further recalled that she spent several stops along the route to pick up water and other necessary items, loaded them into her semi-trailer, and transported the goods to an interstate to be transferred to smaller vehicles for community distribution. 

“There is a network of small, grassroots, and organized nonprofits and ministries that mobilize for disasters. They have no federal funding, but they make a big impact. These organizations are there for the long term and help these families long after the TV cameras and others leave,” explained Shelli. Seeing how many groups are stepping up to help, the founder was motivated to spark the fire for the transportation industry to also make its contribution. 

“When Trucks With Room was founded, I never dreamed the impact that people coming together would make,” shared Shelli. “Originally, I was just a one-trucker, on a mission to help as many people as I could in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael. After all, how big of an impact could one person have? Let me tell you—a lot! In times of devastation and loss, the little things mean so much, even if it’s just someone being there to listen.”

The founder further shared that she wanted to see if others in her community would help too. Eventually, her initiative created a network of people who truly cared about others, united to help victims pick up the pieces and start over. Trucks With Room to Spare Inc also amplifies the humane side truckers have. “We are moms, dads, and grandparents,” said Shelli. “We have big hearts and a determination that has kept the industry going for generations,” the founder added.

Today, Trucks With Room to Spare Inc prides itself on having a circle of truckers across the country who are selflessly donating their time and equipment to help families in need amid pressing times. As a result, the organization alleviates the worry and stress families experience during times of crisis. 

Trucks With Room to Spare Inc is encouraging other truckers across the country to join the movement. “No matter your profession, skill set, or abilities, we can all come together to make a difference,” stressed Shelli. Learn more about the company on its website.

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