March 3, 2024
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Introducing Upcoming and Independent Artist Anthony White

Stories of humble beginnings inspire the world. It lets people know that anything is possible, so long as one has the drive to go the extra mile to reach milestones, regardless of how daunting they might appear. Such is the story of upcoming music artist Anthony D. White III. From performing in front of family and friends since early childhood and entertaining them in intimate spaces to bring joy, the independent artist is now ready to take on bigger stages and surprise the world with what he has to offer up his sleeves.

Anthony White was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. Nurtured by the love of people closest to him growing up, Anthony had gathered the support he received and transformed it into music. For as long as he can remember, music has been one of his greatest support systems, and it gave him a reason to get up every morning. Michael was first inspired to create his own music when he heard the masterful creations of Michael Jackson. Watching one of the biggest music icons in history, Anthony would learn his legendary moves and style to entertain his family.

Soon enough, Anthony White wanted to expand his audience and grow as an artist. He began writing his own music and expressed himself musically, realizing how the art provides him with an avenue to share his narrative and inspire thousands of music lovers across the globe. 

“My mother, Bridget Rowser, motivated me to continue my music career no matter what anybody thinks of me. I always fight for what I believe in and never let them tear me down,” shared Anthony White.

The independent artist recently released his first EP entitled I’m Over You. The EP is streaming and available on all major music platforms. Anthony wants his first EP to mark a meaningful beginning in his music career. In the coming years, the artist aims to sign a deal with a major music label by the spring of 2022, seeking to take the world by storm with his incredible lyrics and captivating beats.

Additionally, Anthony White also shares his journey with his global fans through his self-produced reality show called For The Life of Anthony, currently available on YouTube. Anthony is currently wrapping up the filming and production of the second season of his reality show.

Anthony White also aims to tap into more listeners. He does not want to limit himself to one specific demographic alone, believing that he shouldn’t limit his success and always aim to reach above and beyond what is deemed possible by others. “I like to keep my eye on the prize and do just that,” said the independent artist. 

Besides his striking music, Anthony White is best known in the music industry for his hard-working personality. He has been told many times over by artists, producers, and music professionals that his personality is beyond commendable. Anthony has also received advice from music professionals to never change his personality regardless of how high he comes up in the music industry. 

In the next five years, Anthony White envisions himself dominating the music industry and leaving a big mark on the world with his music. Beginning with his new EP, Anthony wants to amplify the message that he is here to stay and build a lasting legacy.

Connect with Anthony White on his Instagram.

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