April 20, 2024
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JTS Vacations: Worry-Free Travel Planning at Your Service

Everyone loves a good ol’ vacation, but the stress that comes with planning the entire thing is usually enough to dissuade most people from even trying. Armed with this knowledge, JTS Vacations has come up with a solution to ensure that you don’t miss out on that dream vacation.

Championing itself as your personal travel concierge, JTS Vacations provides its clients with first-class services that begin right at the initial consultation to the after-the-trip experience.  The company goes above and beyond to ensure that every itinerary, every detail, and every aspect is meticulously planned to provide clients with the best optimal travel experience. What’s more, no two travel experiences are the same as each one is specifically customized and tailored to meet the needs of respective clients. In the words of Shamica Davis, the CEO of JTS Vacations, “I customize elevated travel experiences for individuals that do not want the hassles of planning their travel. I make your vacation dreams come true. When you hire me as your CEO, ‘Chief Experience Officer,’ your only job is to pay, pack, and show up.”

JTS Vacations has a 3PEG strategic approach that it offers to all of its clients:

  • Plan: Customizes every detail of the experience, so all of the fine details are covered.
  • Pay: Creates individual payment plans to ensure the trip is all paid for before leaving home.
  • Pack: Grab your swimwear, sunscreen, and favorite suitcase.
  • Educate: Ensures clients are well-educated about their trip and destination.
  • Go: It’s time to make memories!

According to Shamica, JTS Vacations was born out of her love for traveling. From planning family vacations in her spare time, it soon metamorphosed into a full-blown business after she started getting referrals from people eager to use her services. It also helped that others offering the same services had pretty poor customer relations. As she points out, “I saw what those sites were not doing and the level of customer service that was nonexistent. I knew there had to be a better way to provide customer service and give custom design versus cookie cutter or one size fit all experiences. I started making notes about what those sites offered versus didn’t and I formulated a plan to create my own full-service travel firm based on what was missing from the formula.”

For the most part, Shamica has succeeded with her project and has even gone on to set much bigger goals for the company. “In 5 years, I plan to have a social proof presence that positions JTS Vacations as an expert in the field of travel. From that, I plan to create a Chief Experience Officer coaching program that focuses on teaching new travel agents the ins and outs of running a successful travel brand. I learned a lot about the travel business through trial and error and I want to help the next up-and-coming group of agents to avoid the many pitfalls of entrepreneurship. I will have a multi-million dollar brand that incorporates both private and hosted group trips being offered throughout the year.”

To know more about the company, visit their website.

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