June 16, 2024
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Kevin Noulowe One of the Best Rebounders and Shot Blockers Armenia Has Ever Seen

Sourced Photo
Sourced Photo

Image commercially licensed from: Unsplash


Kevin Noulowe one of the best rebounders and shot blockers that Armenia has seen in a whilé. Ever since he was a child he has always loved basketball. He spent hours each day playing basketball. He dreamt of playing the best of the leagues of all time thus full filled his dreams as well. All throughout middle school he would ignore everyone when they told him that he couldn’t make it as he had his eye on just one goal and that was to achieve success at its best. Basketball is one of the many sports he plays. It clears his mind from everything. It helps him focus. It really helps him connect with himself and with his fans . It’s one of the only things he really like to do. He plays basketball almost every day to stay in practice. 

Having a notch of basketball league, helped Kevin learn the personal and public communication skills that he used  today in the international matches. As a child playing basketball was his favorite activity. One of the best ways to interact and making friends all across the globe. Whether they were on his team, the opposing team or just fans in the crowd who admired him play. Basketball helped him gain confidence, but basketball also taught him a lot about life. There are many things which one can relate with basketball. For instance basketball is a team game and an individual game, both going hand in hand in life you have to work together as well as with other people. His communication skills got polished and he learned from basketball is that it helped him communicate with people and Ingulf strong sportsman spirit in him. 

It is very important to fall in love with sport to understand the game better and play accordingly. All sorts of people enjoy the game because of the enthusiasm and energetic game plan that it releases always. According to him getting hurt, sweating and are just the things that someone learns while playing the game and just makes you tougher. 

Basketball is one sport that Kevin breathes and he is the closest to. A way of life which gives him comfort and a feeling of sportsmanship he can never escape from. From moulding himself into one of the all stars of the league Kevin, is one such name who has always led his way into the game and has always come out victorious. Never knowing to loose Kevin is a one of a kind player which makes the audience fall in love with him with every shot he gives and gets. 

Delivering the best of the best game Kevin gets better which each game day after another, he was a fan favourite of the Armenian basketball fans and was a superstar. Never letting his fans down Kevin has not many made his fans go head over heels for him but has also shown tremendous sportsman spirit in every game making him one of the most outstanding player of the league. 

He is 6’10 and led the Armenian A league in blocks and was also one of the best rebounders and most explosive dunkers in the league which led to be voted and selected as the All Star of the league. Michael Jordan once said “I will not let anything get in the way of me and my competitive enthusiasm to win”. This has helped Kevin through his hurdles and do something he loves. Rather than a game basketball is a way of life for him.

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