June 20, 2024
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King Baggz Starting the Year Strong with the Scheduled Release of His New Album, All Hell the King!

King Baggz

The entertainment industry/the music business is a very competitive industry with hundreds of thousands of individuals making a lot of differences and shaking things up socially, culturally, and even politically. However, as popular as the mainstream music industry has become, there appears to be a lot of gems in the underground slowly making their way up and carving a niche for themselves. Described as the gem the industry never knew it needed, King Baggz has been unstoppable right from the first minute he broke out.

The Newark-born rapper, singer, and songwriter has been described as a generational talent as he has the capacity to make a real difference and change the world using his music. King Baggz is Filipino and African-American, and when it comes to Asian artists in the hip-hop scene,  he is quite possibly the greatest of all time.  

King Baggz also ghostwrites for artists and engineers and manages artists. King Baggz did a tour in the Philippines through Mike Swift, hitting R2A Coliseum and the secret venue. King Baggz plans to go back to the Philippines to do more shows. As a well-rounded artist, King Baggz directed, shot, and acted in his first movie, Irresponsible.

His debut album, Newark State of Mind, was released in 2021 to critical acclaim and commercial success, featuring fellow upcoming and established music acts such as Hitta Castro, EiB, and St. Lazs. The album is a tribute to his hometown of Newark, New Jersey. King Baggz is quoted as saying he poured his heart into the project, which is a culmination of his life experiences and growth through the years.

In 2022, King Baggz is back again, as the hip-hop act is set to drop his latest project, All Hell the King: on April 2022. According to King Baggz, has been so strategically packaged and designed to attract the listenership of people from all walks of life. The album, when dropped, will pick up where Newark State of Mind: 1 left off and carry on the tribute to the great people of Newark. 

King Baggz is committed to making music for a global audience, particularly to audiences who enjoy hip-hop, rap, and pop. These genres, according to him, are where he feels at home and able to express himself the most. His ability to mix two or more of these genres in his music is what makes him stand apart from his contemporaries.

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