June 22, 2024
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Miss Brooke Harlan Champions Change and Transformation for People Impacted by America’s Broken Justice System

In life, second chances are often hard to come by, especially for those who have been incarcerated and sent to correctional institutions due to a broken and corrupt system. The key to keeping people out of trouble is always through a holistic transformation. Miss Brooke Harlan deeply knows this for a fact, which is why she has taken it upon herself to help people get out of jail and keep them out of it through her esteemed services.

Every day, a person falls victim to the social injustices brought about by the United States criminal justice system. Oftentimes, these people are those people who do not have a say in the matter, forcing them to live a life of solitude in a correctional facility for something they probably didn’t do. Miss Brooke has devoted her life’s work to giving a voice to the voiceless as she shares their stories in an effort to raise awareness and call for a plan of action to make positive changes in the system.

Miss Brooke Harlan is a passionate advocate for the bail industry, establishing her own company Brooke’s Bail Bonding, in Nashville, to further push her advocacies. She is in the business of getting people out of jail and keeping them out of jail by providing resources and consistent support to her clients. They take preventative measures seriously within the communities that her company serves in order to prevent more people from becoming victims of the judicial system.

Brooke’s Bail Bonding offers peer support services as well as certified life coaching sessions to offer creative solutions to generational problems within the community. “We are here to bring awareness to the fact that everyone’s constitutional right to make bail is being threatened, and we need to advocate for the justice system to eliminate bail reform,” passionately shared Miss Brooke. 

Brooke’s Bail Bonding is deeply committed to helping every client. The company takes calls 24/7 and goes above and beyond for clients that deserve to be heard and taken care of. All of the company’s bail agents are certified life coaches that take additional measures to support and provide resources that their clients so desperately need.

Miss Brooke and her team have done incredible work for the communities within the state of Tennessee. Her passion for her work is deeply evident in the care that she devotes to her clients. “I can’t imagine waking up each day and doing anything different. I absolutely love what I do, and I love being a source of change within a system that can feel so broken at times,” shared Miss Brooke. 

In the near future, she envisions expanding Brooke’s Bail Bonding to more parts of the United States to make their services more accessible. With Miss Brooke Harlan at the helm, the company is poised to become the leading bonding company in the United States. She plans to further expand her company’s operations by offering franchises to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to be part of something bigger than themselves and find true fulfillment.

“It’s extremely difficult to look at someone who has committed a crime, or has not committed a crime and has made other mistakes, as a person that does not deserve to be heard and understood. Many of our clients are not bad people but have had bad things happen to them,” explained Miss Brooke. “We as a society need to be more careful about the judgments we pass onto those who have been severely disadvantaged and don’t have many resources to change. That is why our Brooke’s Bonding team is here. We are the support and resources our clients need to create and establish more advantages within all aspects of their lives.”

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