April 20, 2024
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Join Nobody Studios’ Journey in Building 100 Compelling Companies With Ideas From All Over the Globe

As the company turns heads and makes the venture capital industry sit up to take notice of them, Nobody Studios joins the list of Top Venture Studios for 2023 as its youngest entry. The success of this high-velocity and crowd-infused company creation machine has been making rounds around the venture studio community for its disruptive and innovative approach to building companies.

On the mission to build a hundred compelling companies over the next five years, Nobody Studios is on the move to make company building more accessible to an assorted range of clients. With the company allowing people to have a stake in the next great company for as low as $100 as a one-time payment, they’ve opened the door of opportunity to a more significant number of people that want to participate in the industry. “For the first time in history, no matter your credit score, income level, or family history, you can own a piece of the next great company,” Nobody Studios’ Chief Marketing Officer Kyle Kane states. The benefit of this process lies in the diverse pool of ideas that the company will then be able to tap into. 

“We believe the next great idea is not coming out of some stuffy old executive VC office; it’s probably come from a 12-year-old girl in India playing Minecraft on her couch right now,” Kyle expounds. By allowing more participation from people with varied backgrounds and experiences, Nobody Studios diversifies the startup economy and gets one step closer to building a hundred compelling companies. With the help of the company’s innovation management system, people have to bring their ideas to the table and then the venture studio can help them make them a reality.

When asked about their ‘why,’ Kyle explains that Nobody Studio exists to democratize the world of venture studios, the company does so by showing people how profitable it is to source unique ideas from differing parts of the world.

Because the brilliant minds behind Nobody Studios realized that the current venture capital system is old and stuffy, they decided to tackle being a venture studio in a new light. So they started using the old model’s best practices and merging it with a crowdfunded model that democratizes the company creation process. This was the secret to their success.

In the six years since the revolutionary model of venture studios started to flourish, it was able to disrupt the traditional venture world and grow at a rate of 625% over the last six years. And, without a doubt, Nobody Studios is one of the best in existence. In fact, their impressive track record boasts of attracting executives from big-name brands Mohegan Sun, American Airlines, Volkswagen, Coca-Cola, and Facebook as investors who had over $9 billion in exits. They’ve also worked with six best-selling authors and other successful entrepreneurs.

Those looking to invest in a company of their choice, or build one of their own from the ground up, will be happy to hear that Nobody Studios is a reliable stepping stone to success. So take a leap of faith today and join them as they solve the world’s problems, one company at a time until they reach the sweet success of their 100th.

Learn more about how to join Nobody Studios in their journey to build 100 companies here:

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