June 16, 2024
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NYC’s Culinary Revolution Unleashed: HUE App Redefines Personalized Dining for You!

NYC's Culinary Revolution Unleashed: HUE App Redefines Personalized Dining for You!
Photo Credited To: DOKONI INC. 

In the bustling heart of New York City, a culinary revolution is underway with the arrival of HUE, the latest and most innovative personalized food recommendation social network app designed for the discerning tastes of Gen Z and Millennials. Move over traditional review platforms; HUE is about to transform the way New Yorkers experience dining.

Jean-Baptiste Dominguez, the Co-founder & CEO of HUE, intimately understands the struggle of navigating the city’s diverse food scene. “Existing apps fall short in delivering recommendations tailored to your taste” notes Jean-Baptiste. “Past attempts at friend-recommended apps failed to hit the mark, because I love most of my friends for who they’re, not their taste.”

As the former Co-Founder of Clash App, a Los Angeles-based short-form video app that gathered 6.5 million users post-launch and $9 million in funding, Jean-Baptiste joined forces with Noriko Shindo, an ex-Amazonian with an MBA from INSEAD, to tackle the culinary challenge head-on. They started ideating HUE In September 2023, promising to be more than just an app but a personalized guide to navigating the city’s diverse culinary landscape.

HUE isn’t your typical recommendation app; it’s a culinary journey tailored just for you. With its proprietary algorithm, HUE visually translates your distinct taste preferences into a dynamic and ever-evolving HUE (a unique color), offering suggestions that adapt to the dynamic flavors of the city that never sleeps.

Much like the vibrant and ever-changing city it caters to, your HUE is a dynamic shade reflecting your evolving palate. It’s a visual representation of your dining preferences, celebrating the diversity and vibrancy of the New York culinary scene.

Explore restaurant recommendations curated specifically for your evolving HUE, discover places your friends have raved about, and engage with curated lists from members who share similar HUEs. In the world of HUE, closer HUEs translate to closer taste preferences, perfectly suited for the diverse and eclectic culinary landscape of New York City.

A prominent YouTube and IG creator meishmoe, celebrated the app’s arrival, exclaiming, “It’s about time we had a new Yelp”

New York, get ready to elevate your dining game. HUE is now available for download on both the App Store and Google Play Stores. Say goodbye to generic recommendations and embrace HUE as your personalized culinary guide through the dynamic and diverse flavors of the city that never stops eating. Discover your HUE and embark on a unique taste journey crafted just for you!

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