May 30, 2024
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Perfecting Your Product Presentation with Mannequins and Heads

Perfecting Your Product Presentation with Mannequins and Heads

An important element of creating brand identity in retail is to incorporate the store’s logo into displays. By placing their logo on or near mannequins within their store, a retailer calls attention to their brand image. It helps to create an association in the customer’s mind between the store’s visual aesthetic and its unique selling proposition.


Color is essential to creating a brand identity. You can communicate the essence of your entire brand through the strategic use of color in a mannequin display. For instance, colors like red, orange and yellow are known to cue excitement, attention and warmth. These colors might be ideal for a shop that sells products for a youthful, millennial audience. By contrast, blacks and dark greys can communicate sophistication and luxury– perfect for retailers who sell high-end clothing or jewelry.


Mannequin displays should be well-lit to draw attention to specific outfits or accessories. Mannequins and heads placed under dramatic lighting create visibility and elegant contrast between light and shadow. Even the style of light fixtures can communicate a store’s branding: neon lights may be perfect for a vintage clothing store, while ornate, antique chandeliers may be ideal for high-end jewelers.

Styling Mannequin Heads for Enhanced Product Presentation

When it comes to the prescription for styling mannequin heads, it is important to choose hairstyles, makeup and accessories that add a certain life to the outfit displayed. The hairstyles and makeup selected should be representative of what the target customer would prefer, this way you accurately sell the outfit to your target customer even while the outfit is on a mannequin. Sometimes, abstract is not the best way to do it, and being literal is far more effective.

Provide multi-use display furniture and fixtures

By using varied heights, a mannequin helps create an engaging visual experience that encourages customers to keep coming back for discoveries.

Monitoring Sales Data

Sales data can help identify displays that are underperforming. If sales are low, it may be time to re-think the current display of clothing and accessories.

Understanding What Attracts Buyers

Analyzing customer feedback helps retailers understand what attracts buyers. This information is then used to enhance product presentations. From tempting apparel displays to stylish mannequins for sale tables, mannequins and heads assist in creating tempting attractions that customers can’t turn away from.

Hiring a Staff Regular cleaning and organization can ensure your display tables, mannequins, or heads are always looking their best. Remember, such care for your tools of the trade may begin by finding the very best mannequins and heads.

DIY Benefits and Control

Choosing the DIY route gives retailers complete control of the entire process. This allows them to infuse their store’s unique style into their displays. Such displays are not limited to, use of store mannequins or heads. Keep in mind that this solution will also be the least expensive, as it eliminates the cost of a professional. This flexibility means that retailers can change up the retail window display whenever they please to experiment with different set-ups and themes…

Professional Expertise and Fresh Perspectives

Of course, plenty of retailers choose to utilize the talents of professional visual merchandisers as opposed to taking a route that is much less expensive, albeit a bit more work. Such professionals are not only experts in technical construction and design skills but are players in the industry with connections to suppliers, resources and the latest cutting-edge lines of mannequins and heads and other display and décor styles can have quite fabulous results. Additionally, their experience allows them to create dynamic and visually appealing displays that effectively draw customers in. This can only be accomplished with a creative art degree and then years of field experience.

Check out all of our mannequins, body part displays and clothing racks for your store needs. They would fit winter, summer, spring or fall clothing and accessories. It is important to put thought and care into presenting your products in an inviting fashionable way and effective displays that engage your customers on a whole other level. It is not only about showing customers your merchandise, it is about reciting a story and engaging them in a sense that allows them to do all the reciting. So remember to tell your story right, with visually appealing mannequins, heads and mannequin heads for wigs being brought together before your audience!

Published by: Martin De Juan

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