May 29, 2024
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Persuade Your Way to Profits through Ethical Influence

Persuade Your Way to Profits through Ethical Influence
Photo Courtesy: Robert J. Smith

By Perry White

Blessed with a unique blend of entrepreneurial prowess and artistic talent, Robert J. Smith, BBA, MFA, has been an influential force in the industrial and creative sectors, thanks to his valuable insights drawn from the principles embedded in Robert B. Cialdini, Ph.D.’s classic, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. As a founding member of The Cialdini Institute, Smith has masterfully assimilated the ethical influence principles mentioned in Dr. Cialdini’s masterpiece and demonstrated their potent business value.

Employing the principles of Influence with Factual Storytelling, Smith has set impressive records. He was recognized as the #1 producer globally with renowned financial institutions, including Mutual of New York (MONY), AXA Financial, and The Equitable. Smith’s successful application of these principles has become a beacon of hope for many who look to improve their business strategies and achieve top rankings in their respective industries.

In a new initiative that is bound to inspire and educate, Smith is putting together a group of co-authors, all founding members of The Cialdini Institute, to co-author a new book. The book will serve as an accessible guide on how the authors and their clients were able to replicate the success achieved by Smith. Undeniably, it’s an expansion of the horizons of ethical influence strategies, as piloted by Dr. Cialdini.

Dr. Cialdini’s Influence is driven by seven Principles of Persuasion which guide human behavior. They are Reciprocity, Scarcity, Authority, Consistency, Liking, Social Proof, and Unity. These principles are not just theories but actionable strategies that have aided Smith and countless others in achieving commercial and personal successes.

Barry Ritholtz, Chairman and CIO of Ritholtz Wealth Management, aptly said, “Dr. Robert Cialdini has long been recognized as a leading voice in the fields of persuasion, compliance, and negotiation.”

Through his multiple ventures, such as Smith Profits and Smith Comics, Robert J. Smith has effectively demonstrated how these principles can be applied across various platforms. His deep understanding of these principles and their practical implementation is instrumental in his meteoric rise and the flourishing of his businesses.

As an influential speaker, Smith presents on these principles that influence human behavior. His discourses aim at enhancing sales, guiding teams, and overcoming adversity. Each of these topics is ingrained with the principles which he has leveraged to take the performance of his clients and companies to impressive heights.

What distinguishes Robert J. Smith, BBA, MFA is not only his adeptness at applying these principles to his endeavors but his willingness to share his insights to help others achieve similar success. From his articles in Forbes to his posts on LinkedIn, Smith shares invaluable insights conscientiously to inspire others to use ethical influence principles to their advantage.

The collaborative book that Smith is participating in showcases his commitment to sharing his knowledge and highlights the impact of implementing the principles of persuasion in day-to-day business operations. While providing a treasury of case studies from various industries and professions, this book is projected to attain international bestseller status, much like Smith’s previous collaboration, Sales Genius #1.

As much as this venture underscores Smith’s belief in the power of ethical influence, it also accentuates his endeavor to establish a global community of leaders, united by the shared commitment to ethical business practices.

Robert J. Smith embarks on this project, armed with proven strategies and eager to reveal the keys to success to a wider audience. With this shared intellectual venture, Smith and his team of co-authors will be guiding ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs on a path toward exponential growth and outstanding accomplishment.

Smith continues to demonstrate that the power of persuasion can be harnessed in the most ethical ways to achieve unparalleled success. The global entrepreneurial landscape undoubtedly stands to gain from his continuous efforts and the promise of this forthcoming book. Indeed, Robert J. Smith provides a proven and time-tested route to “Persuade Your Way to Profits Through Ethical Influence.”

Published by: Aly Cinco

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