June 12, 2024
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Peter MD Encourages Men To Enjoy Increased Energy and Vitality Through Healthcare

Most individuals will admit that going to the doctor is not fun, especially those who are reluctant to schedule an appointment. One study shows that males are 24% less likely than women to go to the doctor. Accordingly, Dr. Bryan Henry of Peter MD is encouraging men to take their healthcare seriously to enjoy health, energy, and vitality.

Dr. Bryan Henry is a health professional and advocate for men’s health. He is also the founder of Peter MD, working closely with men from all backgrounds and ages to improve their overall well-being. The healthcare expert notes how professionals detect health issues during routine office visits and, thus, looks to build this habit into men’s routines. By doing so, he hopes men will receive treatment much sooner, lowering the chances of hospitalization. 

Dr. Bryan created Peter MD in Florida in 2019 following his retirement from hospital practice. Since then, he has expanded the brand to 20,000 quarterly. 

In recent times, Dr. Bryan has been sending a message to friends, family, and partners to support men in their lives by being open to having constructive health-related conversations. His push has been aimed at lessening the stigma associated with men seeking medical care, helping more of them to drop the facade and seek help as soon as possible. 

Peter MD is the largest online men’s health clinic aiming to help all men live their best possible lives. The clinic assists patients with sexual dysfunction, depression, anxiety, and exhaustion. Because men’s healthcare does not have to be complicated, Peter MD has the resources to revitalize its patients’ lifestyles and energize their future. Its reputation has been established by competitive pricing, a customized user experience, and a dedication to offering covert and simple telehealth services.

“What we have done here is built a business model that works extremely well, plus continuously finessed our systems to control our amazing hyper-growth,” shares Peter MD CEO Glenn Dennis. “We have disrupted the men’s health industry and forged ourselves as its leader in our niche. I see great things near and far in our future.” 

Peter MD is one of the only two men’s health clinics that are nationally compliant. It serves 46 states nationwide. As it continues its upward trajectory, Peter MD now enters its Series A funding round. “Due to the substantial market share growth of Peter MD, investors have been practically knocking down the door to become an equity partner as we scale Peter MD into the unicorn it is projected to become,” Dennis said. “We are expecting a valuation of more than $100 million given our market share, growth, revenue forecasts and multiples on our EBITDA,” he added.

Recently, Peter MD also announced a fundraising effort for one of its efforts called the Folds of Honor, aiming to raise $7,000,000. Ten former Seal Team Six Navy SEALs have set to break the work record for seven skydiving jumps in seven days across seven continents. The clinic is the title sponsor for the event, with founder Dr. Bryan Henry serving as the medical advisor.

With reasonably priced services, excellent ratings for patient satisfaction, and well-trained doctors and care professionals, Peter MD continues to push forward toward its mission of improving men’s health across North America and beyond.


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