July 13, 2024
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Real Estate Appraisal Industry Adopts Technology with OCENKA.ONLINE Valuations

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Sourced Photo

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The Real Estate Appraisal industry, valued at $9.6 billion in 2022, is embracing technology to improve efficiency and productivity. One such platform is OCENKA.ONLINE Valuations, developed by Russian appraiser and business owner Ruslan Zakirov.

OCENKA.ONLINE use AI, machine learning and data analytics and allows appraisers to schedule appointments and manage their calendars through a desktop or mobile application. This allows for real-time availability updates and cuts out the need for phone tags, streamlining the process for both appraisers and consumers or lenders. Appraisers who have adopted the technology have reported quicker turn times and increased control over their schedules.

In addition to providing valuation services, such as residential and commercial property appraisals and real estate portfolio valuations, property appraisers also offer consulting and advisory services, including risk analyses and dispute resolutions. The industry is largely driven by the residential and non-residential markets, which make up approximately 75.9% of revenue. Appraisal management and consulting services also contribute to the industry.

Ruslan Zakirov, who has been active in the appraisal field since his time as a student at Kazan Federal University in Russia, is the founder and leading appraiser at Ocenka.Online, LLC. His company has received numerous awards for its significant contributions to the industry, including the development of specialized software to automate the appraisal process. In 2015, Ruslan Zakirov was elected to the Expert Council of the Business Union of Appraisers for his outstanding achievements in the field.

In addition to his work at Ocenka.Online, LLC and the Business Union of Appraisers, Ruslan Zakirov is frequently called upon as an expert appraiser for various projects, including scientific paper reviews, expert examinations, and appraisals for companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers and JSC NEO Center. He has also served as a member of the jury for real estate and valuation-related hackathons and competitions.

The adoption of digital platforms like OCENKA.ONLINE Valuations have the potential to attract a new generation of appraisers as it aligns with current digital consumption patterns. Zakirov’s work and innovations in the Real Estate Appraisal industry are ultimately beneficial for the United States and demonstrate his dedication to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the industry.

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