May 30, 2024
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RekMed Challenged Everyday Planners, Continues to Make a Difference in the Medical Field

Academic and career life can be taxing, especially for those in the medical field. Understandably, students and professionals alike rely on planners to keep track of daily happenings. But Jennifer Grooms, BSN-RN, realized that not every planner in the market could genuinely help individuals in the medical field cope with their day-to-day activities. Hence the founding of RekMed.

RekMed is a company built by one medical professional who has been in the field for over 14 years. Jennifer Grooms served as an Emergency Department Nurse, equipped with real-life experience and a thorough understanding of the challenges in the medical field. With the company’s patent-pending high-quality educational planners, carefully created for professionals and medical students, the CEO aims to ease the profession’s burden through organization and continuous learning.

RekMed focuses on organization and allows students to learn by filling the planners with bits of information. By simplifying medical terms and providing engaging illustrations, the company makes a difference in the lives of students who are having difficulties in studying using black-and-white textbook references. “Gone are the days of ‘just a planner,’” said Jennifer. Indeed, RekMed is taking the game to a different league altogether. 

“There are a lot of resources out there to help the nursing community and medical professionals learn. However, RekMEd goes beyond that by making all of their resources a step above by creating learning tools and activity pages that are by working nurses in the field that understand what you actually need to know,” Jennifer said. Additionally, the planner contains “nurse lingo” or essential words that professionals need to know to be efficient on the job. 

While the RekMed planner was initially created specifically for nursing students, the CEO remarked that the company is planning to expand and touch other areas in the medical field. “RekMed has a vet tech planner soon to launch, a new critical care nurse planner, a paramedic planner, and dental planner in the works. Say goodbye to the ‘cute cover’ planner and hello to a planner that will actually keep you engaged, learn, and organized,” said Jennifer. 

Asked what motivated her to build the company, Jennifer shared that she grew up with dyslexia. Reading and learning have always been a problem for her growing up. She would have anxiety attacks during tests and had to rely on medication to get through exams. Jennifer was underestimated and told that she would never pass the board exam to be a nurse. But she defied all odds and became a trauma nurse and a valuable member of the Emergency Department. 

With over 14 years of experience in the field, Jennifer realized how life could have been easier if it was tailored to be friendlier for students. “It’s really not about how hard the information is, it’s just about how it is taught to someone and how to get it in their brain,” she said. Today, RekMed seeks to make learning fun and enjoyable while ensuring that students get the information and know-how about the profession.

RekMed came into fruition amid the pandemic. Jennifer took a leave of absence as an ER nurse because of her severe asthma, realizing that she is a high-risk person during challenging times. During the leave, she decided to grow her business and saw how much students and professionals needed a planner that genuinely works for them as the company reached six figures in sales in three months. 

Despite being a full-time CEO today, Jennifer and her staff still work per diem in hospital shifts to keep their skills fresh and keep in touch with the reality of the nursing profession. Learn more about RekMed on its website.

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