February 23, 2024
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Reunion of the Kings Stage Show in New York City Christmas Eve, Dec 24, 2023

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Sourced Photo

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In the very heart of New York City, at “THE COMPOUND” located on 190-01 LINDEN BLVD, QUEENS, NY, a momentous event is set to unfold. The renowned powerhouses of entertainment, Big Dreamz Productions and Hill Topz Entertainment, welcome you to a nostalgic journey. This ground-breaking event is none other than the Reunion of the Kings, a sensational dancehall extravaganza designed to celebrate the passionate culture of reggae music and its legendary performers.

For aficionados of retro music and the golden era of reggae, the concept behind this extravaganza was born out of love and appreciation for the entrancing genre of music that emerged as a global powerhouse during the 1980s. Step into the past as you take your places on December 24, 2023, with doors opening at 8:00 PM and the event commencing at 11:00 PM. The unbeatable pricing of early bird tickets at $65 and door tickets at $80 ensures this will be an experience that will make memories worth every penny.

Be prepared to be dazzled by a lineup of artists who not only ruled the 80s dancehall scene but have also managed to remain relevant today. At the helm are legendary performers such as Josey Wales, Brigadier Jerry, Little John, Professor Nuts, Willow Wilson, Courtney Melody whose contributions to the genre have been invaluable over the years.

Such musical virtuosos have helped shape the authenticity of the reggae music scene. Their contributions to the sound system culture pushed the popularity of dancehall beyond the boundaries of their native Jamaica, making it a global phenomenon. Their indelible mark on the world of music is a beacon from which the current generation of reggae artists draw their inspiration.

Leading this ensemble is the globally respected Josey Wales, whose unparalleled legacy in dancehall music has laid the groundwork for the sound system culture, a cultural phenomenon that today’s buzzing dancehall artists continue to thrive in. Immersing in the show would, thus, be a riveting journey back to the roots of reggae.

The vibrant evening’s soundtrack will be co-orchestrated by the beloved Jah Wise. Expect an eclectic mix of reggae essentials, dancehall trends, and innovative mixes, taking you on a trip straight to the colorful and nostalgic streets of 80s Jamaica.

Reunion of the Kings is not your average musical event. It extends an invitation to the admirers of the authenticity and vibes of reggae and dancehall. It is intended for anyone who yearns for a unique cultural escape, an experience that transcends time and seamlessly unites the dynamic presence of the present reggae music scene with the rich, original rhythm of its illustrious past.

Committed to showcasing the depth and essence of reggae and dancehall music, Big Dreamz Productions and Hill Topz Entertainment’s event promises to metamorphose the venue into a melting pot where different generations of music admirers come together. In essence, The Garden will serve as the nexus where the roots of music embrace the present, significantly shaping the future trajectory of the dancehall scene.

Remember, the Reunion of the Kings is not merely a concert. It is an awe-inspiring cultural and musical spectacle that not only celebrates the evolution of reggae but also pays homage to its living legends. It is an event destined to inscribe itself into the annals of reggae-dancehall history.

For more information and updates, follow the organizers’ social media handles, @bigdreamzproductions and @hilltopzentertainment. This is your chance to be part of a history-making musical revolution that solidifies why reggae and dancehall continue to be heritage bearers of undying authenticity and appeal. Make yourself a part of this unique experience, and wash the year away with timeless melodies and unforgettable rhythms.

Remember the date – December 24, 2023. The Reunion of the Kings awaits you.

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