April 20, 2024
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Sarah Alysse Fosters Healthy Living for Corporate Executives and Busy Individuals

Photo Credit: Alicia Hickey

Becoming a fitness expert for Sarah Alysse was not intended. It was a means to an end for her as a college student, and it has become something she is passionate about as she uses her expertise to change people’s lives. As a stress management & fitness coach, she nudges her clients towards greatness, wholesome health, lifestyle adjustments, and finding nutrition that works for their bodies.

Sarah Alysse’s journey into fitness and nutrition was quite challenging as she had to get on the path early on in life. When she was in college at Columbia College, Chicago, she took a dance class in which she needed to have a strong balance and core stability. She enrolled for some Pilates sessions, and her performance improved.

After she graduated from college, she traveled through Europe to relax but also get to know herself better. She rediscovered her passion for fitness while in Europe and returned to the United States with excitement for this next chapter of life. She took STOTT PILATES® courses and became a certified Pilates expert. She delved into stress management coaching after her father’s death. His death from Stage IV kidney cancer reinvigorated her commitment to helping people maintain the perfect work-life balance.

Life comes fast, and many people pay zero attention to their health as they focus solely on working and advancing in their careers. With her three-pillar solution to success, Stress Management/Self-care, Nutrition, and Fitness, Sarah Alysse takes her clients on a complete journey to help them achieve the best health and fitness condition.

From understanding the brain-gut connection to developing mindfulness around their stressors and enhancing fitness performance with functional movements, Sarah Alysse walks her clients by the hand till they achieve their health and fitness goals. Since she got into the fitness world, Sarah has become a STOTT Certified Pilates Instructor, NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

She created her health and wellness brand Live Well Enhance You, which was specially designed for her corporate and entrepreneur clients so that they can reduce stress and reach their full potential. Her personalized program, “Enhance Your Life,” explores the areas where clients need some spark and work on themselves so they can find joy in their lives again. 

Sarah Alysse has been featured on top publications like Yahoo Finance, US Reporter, LA Wire, The American Reporter and Business Insider. She also featured recently on WGN’s Around Town’s segment as a Stress Management Expert. Beyond health and fitness coaching, Sarah immerses herself into activities like music, theatre, and performing at speakeasies.

For three years, she has been building and growing her health and wellness brand, and despite the pandemic, she has found a way to adapt to her clients’ needs. Her five-year goal is to dominate the corporate world coaching her three-pillar solution to success program and writing a book about her health and fitness journey while helping other people in the process.

Learn more about Sarah Alysse’s brand and programs on the official website or follow her on Instagram. Listen to Stress Free SOULutions Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.

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