June 16, 2024
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It can be hard to find inspiration in the billion-dollar nutrition industry. Corporate mainstays continue to stock shelves with old recipes. New companies chase health fads like fashion trends. Report after report emerges about misleading labels or scary contaminants. 

Smart Eats is helping consumers regain trust in nutrition products. Their “Designed by Doctors” recipes start with founders Jake and Simon Rabinowitz. Jake, a PhD and chemical engineer, grew up witnessing how nutrition could transform lives as his father Simon, a pediatric GI, regularly brought home stories about using nutrition to help solve his patients’ problems. 

Based on Simon’s experience treating low iron, which affects millions and has poorly tolerated solutions, they designed a unique way to boost iron levels. Helping in their development were board members Nagendra Rangavajla, PhD and food scientist, and Jaleh Daie, PhD and Agfood tech investor. 

This team is now proud to share their flagship product, Iron Lift: an iron-fortified protein powder with great taste (it’s a Cookies & Cream flavor), easy digestion, high absorption, and complete nutrition. It’s the first protein powder designed specifically for increasing iron levels and addressing causes and symptoms of low iron. 

With Iron Lift, customers enjoy increased energy levels, resolution of symptoms, and no side-effects. Iron Lift has found a loyal audience with runners and athletes, who’ve reported enhanced training capacity, faster recovery, and better focus. 

As for Smart Eats’ next steps, Jake outlines an exciting vision for the future, “We’re finishing up a vegan version of Iron Lift and launching some really great partnerships. After that, the product pipeline is full, and we look forward to expanding into other important solutions like cancer nutrition and baby formula.” 

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