July 19, 2024
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Sophia Bornschein Does Not Dress to Impress But to Express With Unique Pieces From Born2Dress

Sourced Photo
Sourced Photo

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Women’s clothing boutique owner Sophia Bornschein always makes sure to wear the dress and not let the dress wear her. Her journey to finding her own style has been a fun-filled ride littered with an eclectic assortment of clothes and the latest fashion trends. Intending to guide others towards the same liberating path of being able to express themselves through their clothing, Sophia took her passion for fashion and need for self-expression and combined the two to create Born2Dress.

As seen on NBC 6’s In The Mix and WSVN 7News’ Deco Drive, Born2Dress is “South Florida’s Chic Boutique.” They offer thoughtful and fashion-forward clothing choices that keep their clientele in mind. “At Born2Dress, you can express yourself without definition” is the promise the company echoes. They carry meticulously curated designs and styles that span various influences – from Los Angeles, Bali, and even New York. The types of clothing they fabricate are suitable for dressing up and dressing down, as the boutique boasts a stylish lineup of basic tops and tees and even statement pieces. All these choices are made available to Born2Dress customers in line with the company’s mission to “make every day a chance for you to feel beautiful.”

Born2Dress’ physical store in Wellington enables customers to browse through, fit, and check out their clothing choices. In addition, they ensure a pleasant shopping experience by meeting clients with impeccable service and warmth from the moment they step into the boutique to the moment they leave. “Our home is your home” is the shop’s promise, which is why they treat shoppers like family to make their fashion journey collaborative. 

Because of their belief that finding one’s ‘look’ should never be restricted by age, style, or budget, Born2Dress always strives to meet customer needs. Their motivations behind building their brand came from their observations of a gap in the market. When asked about the story of the beginnings of the boutique, Sophia explained that “the lack of service in other boutiques and Wellington [in particular]” had inspired her to put up a physical shop.

Today, their Wellington boutique is flocked by trendy shoppers looking to expand their closets with the help of a contemporary fashion brand that offers a diverse range of clothing styles — one that shoppers love and come back to because of its stellar selection, hands-on styling assistance, and ‘happiness guarantee’ policy. Furthermore, the shop lets any customer unhappy with their purchase return their items within 14 days in exchange for store credit because nothing is more important than their customers’ satisfaction.

These extra steps that Born2Dress takes to make people feel beautiful in their clothes help the company stand apart from its competition effortlessly. Likewise, wanting their shoppers to be able to purchase clothing with as much ease, Born2Dress has an online shopping website that provides a seamless and contact-free shopping experience for those that prefer it. More than just a boutique, they’re a safe space for self-expression and fashion experimentation. Those looking for a place to discover themselves in the most fashionable sense will be glad to find a home in Born2Dress.

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