March 3, 2024
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Soul CBD Helps People Find Bliss and Gain Recovery With “Best-Tasting” CBD Products

Cannabidiol (CBD) products have recently been on a steady rise as many people come to know of their many benefits. Forwarding CBD further to new heights is Soul CBD, giving the product innovative twists that cater to the needs of various segments in the market.

Soul is dedicated to the pursuit of relief and better living, powered by CBD. The company’s wellness philosophy is founded on principles of flavor, efficacy, transparency, and quality. Founded by siblings Angie and Mike Lee, Soul was built out of necessity. The duo wanted to fill the gap in the market in 2018 and help people deal with various diseases that hinder them from reaching their full potential.

Angie had to deal with debilitating anxiety due to her career as a marketing mentor, keynote speaker, professional podcaster, and serial entrepreneur. Meanwhile, Mike dealt with the pain of his autoimmune disease, which he balanced with his career in professional boxing. In their search for a remedy, CBD became their answer. The partner discovered CBD’s benefits as a supplement and decided that they wanted to use their influence to spread awareness of the effectiveness of CBD supplements.

“We know our products will work for you because they’ve worked for us,” the founders said.

On a mission to innovate, Soul has formulated a variety of research-based products to target specific ailments. It is also currently known as the best-tasting CBD product on the market, a claim that founders would proudly stand by. Soul does not use any artificial ingredients or fillers in its formulation, providing customers with clean wellness experiences. In addition, Soul is dedicated to giving customers nothing but the best. Hence, each batch runs through thorough checks across laboratories to run full panel testing for potency, heavy metals, pesticides, harmful bacteria, and mold. 

“We have gone through years of R&D to get our products to taste as good as they do today,” shared the founders. “We are constantly evolving with our flavors and offer seasonal flavor releases to produce our customers with some fresh-tasting relief.”

Soul CBD’s great-tasting formula has been proven effective in treating many conditions, such as anxiety, sleep issues, inflammation, lack of focus, mood swings, weak immunity, and many more. Soul CBD also ensures that everyone gets the same level of effectiveness, whether through its tasty tinctures, capsules, or delicious gummies. 

Over the next five years, Soul CBD aims to continually evolve in the wellness space by offering cutting-edge formulations to help people deal with ailments and conditions that life throws their way. The founders themselves have dealt with crippling situations. Hence they know the plight of their customers. They want Soul CBD to be viewed not just as a solution but as a partner one can rely on in crucial moments in life.

In addition, Soul CBD aims to become an industry leader in the wellness and supplements space. The founders also eye offering education to audiences worldwide, tackling not only the supplements but about routines and lifestyle changes that can immensely impact how people feel in general. 



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