June 20, 2024
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Spero Foods Teams Up with Sprouts Farmers Market to Introduce the Pepita Egg in Light of the Egg Shortage Crisis

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The current bird flu epidemic has caused a significant egg shortage in the United States, leading to higher prices and empty shelves at grocery stores. In order to address this issue, Spero Foods has partnered with Sprouts Farmer’s Market to launch a new plant-based Pepita Egg nationwide. Not only does this product address the egg shortage, but it also offers several health benefits and a more sustainable option for consumers. This revolutionary egg alternative is made from only seven simple ingredients, featuring the superstar pepita or pumpkin seed. It is a healthy and sustainable alternative to traditional animal eggs.

Eggs from animals are known to be high in cholesterol and are not recommended for people with heart, kidney, or liver disease. Additionally, animal eggs can inhibit iron absorption and are a major allergen. The production of chicken eggs also carries a heavy carbon footprint, with most laying hens living in caged, crowded, and unhealthy conditions. Spero Foods aims to address these issues with its newest product.

Plant-based eggs are becoming increasingly popular, but they still have limited options available. Spero Foods is bringing game-changing innovation to the plant-based egg market by introducing a healthier and more sustainable alternative that bridges the gap between health and the environment. Unlike other plant-based egg products on the market, which contain 13-30 ingredients, including lecithins, pyrophosphates, critrates, sugars, synthetic vitamins and transglutaminase, the Pepita Egg is made from only seven ingredients and no preservatives or synthetic vitamins. Pepitas are healthy and sustainable and are good sources of protein, zinc, iron and magnesium. Pepita Egg contains similar grams of protein per serving as a chicken egg, if not more.

The Pepita Egg is keto-friendly, allergy-friendly, and cholesterol-free and contains no soy, gluten, nut, sugar, gums, or processed oil ingredients. It is easy to use, pourable, cookable and bakeable, making it a versatile and delicious option for any recipe. Pepita Egg also carries a very low carbon footprint and requires less land water, and emits less CO2 than chicken egg production.

Spero Foods is on a mission to make dairy and egg alternatives at the same price as animal products while maintaining clean ingredients and delicious flavor. With their Pepita Egg, they are making it affordable for consumers to make healthy and sustainable food choices. The Pepita Egg will retail from $4.99-5.99 for each 16 oz. bottle, similar to the price of a dozen animal eggs.

Phäedra Randolph, Spero’s CEO, said, “We are proud of our limited, clean ingredient list, which we believe is healthier for you without sacrificing taste or your budget.”

The Spero Pepita Egg is a welcome solution to the egg shortage caused by the bird flu epidemic. Not only is it an affordable alternative to chicken eggs, but it also has a minimal ingredient list and offers health benefits that animal eggs do not. With the Pepita Egg, Spero Foods is leading the way in the fast-growing plant-based egg category, offering a simple and accessible alternative for consumers.

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