April 20, 2024
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The Successful Journey of Pixatronix CEO And Serial Entrepreneur Sezgin Mangjuka

Sezgin Mangjuka is a young entrepreneur from Kosovo. Sezgin, 27, is a digital PR and marketing expert managing the online reputation of several clients worldwide. He owns Pixatronix, one of Kosovo’s top digital marketing companies.  

Sezgin is also a digital marketing expert and offers various online branding services, including social media marketing, public relations, online promotional drives, image optimization, SEO, and many more.

“I worked in the entertainment industry too. Until now, I’ve worked with over 500 clients in my professional career as a media and entertainment professional. Seeing the level of satisfaction in the face of my clients is my biggest motivation. It keeps me on my toes and inspires me to do more. I am happy that within seven years of my entrepreneurial journey, people have appreciated my effort, skills, and professional ethics,” Sezgin explained.  

Sezgin’s journey has never been easy. He had worked as a journalist and public relations professional at various companies before accomplishing his dream of floating his own company.

Sezgin’s clients include a long list of celebrities, business tycoons, and famous brands. He has been successful in not only enhancing their online visibility and reputation but improved their ROIs and profitability too.

Sezgin Mangjuka’s 4Ps Strategy for Success

Sezgin follows his own gut and intuition when it comes to entrepreneurship. As a successful serial entrepreneur, people across the world want to know his success strategy, but Sezgin attributes all his success to the 4P strategy, which includes Passion, Perseverance, Patience, and Progress.

“I feel these 4Ps are crucial to determining a company or firm’s eventual success and profitability. I always advise people to believe in their passion and work hard towards it. The journey may be difficult but if one survives the initial hiccups through patience and perseverance, it’ll gradually lead to progress and success.” Sezgin stated.


Passion is everything. It inspires people to work towards their goals. Without passion, people won’t enjoy their work. According to Sezgin, people should always be passionate about what they do or want to do. As long as you are passionate about your work, you’ll never feel bored.


Patience is the key. All entrepreneurs have to go through rough patches in their lives. But they keep fighting against all odds. Such is the power of patience. It not only teaches you life lessons but also helps you understand the importance of struggle in life.


Perseverance is closely related to patience. Perseverance helps you withstand the challenges of time. When things don’t go as per your wish or plan, you need to keep moving forward.

“Perseverance is essential. It gives you the inner strength to fight against all odds when the journey is difficult,” Sezgin added.


Progress always comes before success. As a new entrepreneur, you should start working towards small goals first. And that’s how you gradually progress in your work. Gradually, it will help you accomplish success in life.

“Slow and steady wins the race. Always keep it in mind when you wish to do something big in life. Never hurry. Try to take things positively and in a proper perspective. Going too fast isn’t only risky, but it will also devoid you from enjoying the journey. Be persistent, but never forget to have a cautious approach,” Sezgin Added.

The Conclusion

Sezgin Mangjuka knows what it takes to become an entrepreneur. He had failed at class 10 and class 12 in his childhood, but that couldn’t crush his ambition to do something big in life. He borrowed some money from his father and started an online community, which later transformed itself into a full-fledged digital marketing company.

Thus, people should keep dreaming. They must work towards it with a positive frame of mind. If you are passionate about something, you must work towards accomplishing your goals. Sooner or later, you’ll achieve it for sure.

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